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Goddess Teacher Training

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Kaouthar Darmoni

YES I am a woman!

Anchored deep inside every woman is a strong primal force which is being acknowledged less and less.
So often women suffocate in the vacume of the patriarchal behavioral pattern. They alienate themselves from their inner strength, their ‘Feminine Capital’.

Kaouthar Darmoni unchains and unleashes this inner strength using the original ‘Sacred Dance’, The Dance of Goddesses.

Free your femininity, bring balance back into your life and re-discover your Feminine Capital.
Share this new found power and strength with those around you.

Shout loudly and with conviction:
YES I am a woman!

Goddess Bootcamps: Belly Dance the 7 Goddess Archetypes

These are very special Goddess Belly Dance Bootcamps, that will focus on the 7 Goddess Archetypes.

We use belly dance technique, dance figures and meditation to enhance understanding and clarity of movement and to deepen awareness and connection with one-self and the others.

In 2017 there will be several international Goddess Bootcamps and several in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Check the webpage for the when, where and more, and come join us!

The next Goddess Teacher Training 1 will start Feb 2018

A woman needs to learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, to the body.”

The aim of this goddess training is to take you on a intense and fascinating journey where you dance both your light and your shadow; to give birth to that amazing, feminine, sensual, playful and successful Goddess in You!

This training will form capable skilled teachers to teach and spread my method.

Goddess Thalassa Retreat: 27 Oct – 3 Nov 2017

Goddess Retreat with Kaouthar: Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual

In this retreat you can dance/explore new skills about being feminine, sensual and playful, find inner and outer balance as a woman, nourish your body and enjoy, relax and have fun with other amazing women!

This year there are also retreats in Crete, Danmark and Canada!
Check the webpage for details.


Goddess Belly Dance Classes

In these classes you experience a wide variety of exciting and fun belly dance movements, from sensual and soft to wild and strong; you shake and shimmy on powerful trance shamanic dances to release stress and fatigue.

You dance with your pelvic floor muscles with the exclusive Kaouthar’s Cabassa Method® Technique; you learn free dancing with improvisation; and you dance & celebrate the goddesses in you!


Kaouthar’s Goddess Balls

Dancing with the Goddess Balls will increase the strength and sensitivity in your pelvis area and will connect you deeper with your inner self, your womb, where your intuition lies.

Kaouthar’s Goddess Balls are designed in a shape of a lamniscate, an horizontal 8, symbole of infinity, with no beginning and no end. The Goddess Balls enhance and increase the infinite creative flow released in the womb.


“Beautiful, insightful, pleasurable”

I took out of the event(s) the fun, pleasure, safely travelling through my emotions, making fun of myself, getting in touch with the role plays I do getting in touch with my inner-self, appreciating my femininity.
Kaouthar’s teaching and methods are fun, challenging, sensual, powerful and caring.

I would recommend to any woman to join Kaouthar’s work, I believe we all have a lot to learn from it.

Susana Ferre

Barcelona, Spain

“The best decision in my life”

Every time I woke up to go to the week-ends with Kaouthar, every time I talk about my work with her, every time I think of it, the first thing that comes up is: “signing up for this training was the best decision, and the most life-changing decision I ever made”. I don’t think I have enough word to describe how much it brought (and is still bringing) me.
To all the goddesses who hesitate: just do it!

Chloé Béguin

Geneva, Switzerland

“Kaouthar is a Master”

It´s rare to meet a master of the feminine. Kaouthar is one of them. What makes Kaouthar so unique is her arabic/muslim background which makes her able to share insights and practices that are not easily accessible to Western women. I also appreciate that Kaouthar is so authentic and warmhearted – that she embodies the feminine essence.
I loved her work and wisdom, and so will you.

Kirsten Stendevad

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Raise your Boobs & Rise!

In one of my last bootcamps I saw her: she has beautiful breasts, shiny face, soft eyes with a playful gaze. I’ll call her Saskia. She keeps her beautiful breasts ‘looking down at the floor’ like we say in Arabic. I asked her few times to put her chest up so that her...

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Join us with women from all over the world and receive the latest news from Kaouthar Darmoni the first!

Thank you for subscribing! You will receive an email to confirm your subscription (don't forget to check your spam folder if nothing arrives).

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