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Kaouthar’s Online Academy

The Art of Being Feminine

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  • Level 1: Free the Wild Woman in You
  • Level 2: Free the Sensual Woman in You
  • Divine Experience (Level 1 + 2)

Online Academy


Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls

Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual

To enhance your Divine9Dance® Experience, use Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls.

Dancing with the Divine9 Balls will increase the strength and sensitivity in your pelvis area and will connect you deeper with your inner self, your womb, where your intuition lies.

Divine9 Balls

Thank you Kaouthar for the online course! It just falls right! My “boyfriend” had told me 2 weeks ago that he is with someone else! This news touched me right in the heart and in the body! It was so violent! I thought I was falling into a black hole without end … I had a physical pain in my heart. I did not sleep for 10 days ….
After the first days of shock, I started slowly the Shimmies movements. It was so good to shake out all that pain and free my heart, to release and clean the pain in the womb/matrix. It’s so strong and effective!
I could really see the effectiveness of your Divine9Dance movements! Your teaching is worth gold and is the best investment one can make in oneself, to love oneself!

Judith Lebègue


I signed up for the new online training The Art of Being Feminine, of Kaouthar Darmoni. In one word fantastic! The movements in her lessons are inspired on her years long experience with Tunisian ancient dance rites, combined with knowledge on emotions and themes like self-confidence, boundaries, decisiveness, taking up space, and that shaped in a feminine way and especially through the body. Most of all I find it fun, dynamic, solid and terrific; hard work and with a lot of pleasure. Really superb!

Barbara Benet

Voorschoten, Netherlands

After living for most of my life in structured, polished, uptight environments and male-dominated systems, I appreciated so much studying with Kaouthar. I felt so invited to allow myself to embrace the raw and wild part of me, proud to be the woman I am, and remember the full spectrum of who I am and to live up to it.
I am so thankful for what she has shared and for her creating a space for women to live to their fullest potential.

Nadia Duran

Entrepreneur, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!

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