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'Je danse, donc je suis' (I dance,therefore I am) | Empowerment must be also felt in the body!
Kaouthar Darmoni

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni (PhD) is a scholar and expert in Gender studies. She has an extensive academic career as Assistant Professor in Gender & Media. She combines her academic passion with her Divine9Dance® and Women Empowerment.

She leads the Feminine Capital Academy to teach women The Art of being Feminine. She guides them to free their Feminine & Erotic Capital and use it as an added-value; to achieve more economic and social benefits, and to do more for the good of Mother Earth.
Kaouthar’s focus is to support and accelerate the emergence of FeMale Leadership where the Feminine & the Masculine co-lead the world together towards more balance and higher consciousness.
She likes to create bridges and connections between her original Arab-Muslim culture and her adopted Western culture. She is a passionate activist and is involved in many Women’s movements around the world.

Kaouthar is regularly featured as a keynote speaker at the largest conferences, as well as being on television, radio, international magazines and newspapers and various internet programs.

Kaouthar’s vision about Goddess Dance & Feminine Capital

I want to support and accelerate the Rise of Feminine Awareness. I want to promote women empowerment via The Goddess Belly Dance & Feminine Capital. For this I use as tool, the oldest women’s ritual in the world (approximately 4.000 years old, Mesopotamia); called ‘Raqsat al Wilada’ (Dance of Birth) or ‘Raqsat al Ilaha’ (Dance of the Goddess), known in the West as…Belly dance! Belly dance is a “Western”-coined name for this ancient dance originally called ‘Middel Eastern dance’ or Arabic dance. The term “belly dance” is a translation of the French “danse du ventre” which was first applied to the dance by the first western travellers coming from puritain Victorian Europe.

What is Femine Capital?

Isn’t it about time women participate actively in co-leading the planet? Isn’t it about time women step proudly in the arena of power, not as duplicates of men, but as playful warriors who wish to participate in innovating and changing the world?

Feminine Capital is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This concept is gaining finally its lettres de noblesse and acknowledged by many scientific scholars as the missing tool for… women’s emancipation and feminism! If you think that you have to develop erotic-bimbo-porn practices to emancipate and get promoted in your career, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you.

Feminine Capital is a powerful concept that you develop to empower yourself (absolutely not meant to manipulate the others). When understood and used in the right (strategic) way, Feminine Capital, can definetly enhance your career and give your life a boost!

Kaouthar in Sante
Kaouthar in Sante

More about Kaouthar

‘My first ”feminist’ experience was when I was about 7 years old. I was very often told to not do this or that while the boys could do all they wanted; and when I questioned the reason the answer was ‘because you are a girl’. I found it so unfair. I felt so helpless. I decided then that I will do everything in my power to do what ever I want as a girl. The sky is the limit.

When I left Tunisia and went to Europe, I realized that being a girl is as problematic, but it was wrapped in a nice package. At the end, whether in Arabia, Europa, Asia or Africa it’s all about an abusive global patriarcal system towards girls; and boys. Changing that system from inside was my main motivation to mix my two passions: gender studies and goddess dance. The mission: girls co-lead the world, together with boys; create a balance, in each individual, between feminine and masculine capital.’

Kaouthar is born in Tunisia, she grew up on the mediterranean coast, where she, as a young person, turned naturally into music and dancing. She was from a very young age concerned about women’s emancipation. Lead by her passion for the oldest women dance in the world, the Goddess Dance, she thoroughly investigates the many aspects of this ancient art. By traveling to various Middle Eastern and North-African countries and through gender research, observation and practice, she developed her own concept, ‘Feminine Capital & Divine9Dance®’, a unique women empowerment mixture based on brain/gender theories and body/arab dances.

Kaouthar is passionate about creating bridges of communication and exchange between both Western and Arab cultures, using the spirit of the music and the dance. Her wish is to preserve and present these ancient goddess dances before they disappear, due to modernisation and/or fundamentalism. It’s a valuable human heritage that must be saved from extinction!

Kaouthar can help you, like no other, heal your feminine-masculine energies; to bring pleasure, nourishment and power in your femininity and enhance the Feminine Face of Leadership.

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