I help you liberate your feminine power through the Art of Being Feminine.

A N-African-Tunisian woman with a girl’s wild dream

I left my home country in N-Africa, Tunisia at a young age, I did not feel free as a woman. So I left for Europe to spread my wings and fulfill my little girl’s dream: studying gender studies at Sorbonne in Paris. However on arrival I soon learned that the women in the West were not as free as I had thought. I left France for America, looking for a better and more free country for women and migrants. But again I found the same patriarchal oppression: in the West, women have less power than men; plus an extreme sexualization and pornification of the female body.

The Western woman is imprisoned in the FeMale Western patriarchy.

Let’s break loose.

Building bridges

After studying at the Sorbonne-Paris III, I obtained my PhD (magna cum laude) at the prestigious Université Lumière II (France), after which I worked as researcher, lecturer,  a. professor in Gender and Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam for fifteen years. In parallel, I worked as an international consultant and public speaker in Feminine Leadership. After living in 3 different continents and 5 countries, I am currently the CEO of Atria, the International Institute for Gender Equality, Emancipation & Women’s History, based in the Netherlands. I love creating bridges and connections between my original African-Arab-Muslim culture and my adopted Western culture; as well as between my two favorite backgrounds: the scientific-academic one with the artistic-dance one.

Kaouthar Darmoni smiling beautifully

The dance of the goddesses

To help women use their sensuality and bring back the goddesses that are hidden in them, I use the 4000-year-old Arab dance of the goddesses (Raqsat al Ilahat). An important part of the dance is the Al Cabassa, where we use our pelvic floor muscles to gracefully unlock our Erotic Capital. Not only does this movement have a therapeutic effect, it also has many emotional and physical benefits. It helps to release our sensual and sexual energy. This energy is the source of life according to the ancient Arabic culture.

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A woman’s power is
authenticity, sensuality, passion & beauty.

Body Capital

Body-Positivity | Body Image | Body Love

Sensual Capital

Sensuality | Charisma | Vitality

Emotional Capital

Passion | Strength | Vulnerability

Feminine Capital

Femininity | Courage | Leadership


The world lacks feminine qualities. We’ve lost the value of connecting and caring. There are too many cold decisions that are made. Too many male standards that are enforced. Too many people feel unhappy due to the toxic patriarchal behavior that’s expected from them. Let’s empower ourselves and bring the WoMan back into the world.

I believe in a world where there is room for us to use our feminine qualities. Where these qualities are seen as a strength with added value. We are in need of more feminine beauty and wisdom. So it is time to tap into our bodies and sensual energy to restore the balance between masculine and feminine.

There has been no better time to create the world we want to see. It is time to heal ourselves and balance out our values with more beauty, love, courage, strength, vulnerability and …

Let us take the lead and care for the world with compassion. Let’s bring back the WoMan!

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