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TED Talks

2019 – Thank God For Our Vagina!

Kaouthar-Darmoni---TEDxLinz 9 Feb 2019

2014 – Dare to Be Feminine For Guts Sake!


Cultural – Empowerment

YouTube Channel

Kaouthar’s YouTube Channel is a showcase of the variety of Kaouthar’s work.
Among others it shows lessons, lectures, TEDx Talk, introductions into various parts of Kaouthar’s work, numerous TV programs Kaouthar participated in.
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Kaouthar’s YouTube’s Channel

Kaouthar participated in various TV and radio interviews. For instance for NTR De Nieuwe Maan, EO De Nieuwe Wereld, VPRO Metropolis, IKON De Nachtzoen, VPRO Tegenlicht, NTR TV Lab: Ontboezemingen, VPRO Holland Doc Beperkt Houdbaar, NTR De Halve Maan, VPRO Z.O.Z., NCRV De Verwondering, KRO De Wandeling, IKON Het Vermoeden, Nyenrode Business University.

Magazines & Newspapers

Over the years interviews with Kaouthar on her work have been published in diverse magazines and newspapers.

The articles can be downloaded and read via the link below.

Press Articles

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