Research on masculinity, femininity, and shame showed the following:
For men the number one shame: being weak (also being vulnerable).
For women the number one shame…I’ll let you guess what it is……Yes indeed, body shame!

And from research the body shame syndrome is also making victims amongst women who are young, between 20 and 30, normal body, and physically agreeable and even attractive.

Whether we are young or old, skinny or heavy, with or without wrinkles, it seems we all suffer from body shame.

All the great emancipation movements that we have been witnessing since the feminist revolution in the 60’s don’t seem to have solved the female body shame issue. Our modern mass media culture, and especially social media, make us drown even deeper into the body shame.

Empowering emancipation discourse or narratives to help women go beyond body shame have been efficient to only a certain degree.

I can tell you from experience, as expert in gender studies and women empowerment, that empowering women via the mind (with all the studies and self-development courses) to heal the collective female body shame is going very slow. To accelerate the healing process, it is much more efficient to go through the body.

Because the body shame is not only anchored in our beliefs system (“I am not good enough, my body is not good enough, I am too old/fat/skinny/etc…”), but also in every cell of our body. Because our body cells carry the memory of the shame as well. And this is why it is very important to release the shame from the memory of our body cells.

Like this client of mine, let’s call her Sonya to respect her privacy, in her mind she did a lot of work to love and accept her body as it is. But every time we practiced the Divine9 Dance and we did the Belly Snake (a beautiful, sensual undulation with the belly), she felt the emotion of shame rising from her belly and rolling into her system.

The shame of her belly was really big and old, going all the way back to her childhood. Because she heard from a young age her mother, grandmother, aunts, telling her that women of her family have a slight belly. From birth until they die. And for Sonya this had become such a big beliefs system, that it needed a radical approach.

So, for 30 days Sonya did every day for 20 minutes the Belly Fire Shimmy, a very staccato version of the Belly Snake to turn and erase from her belly body cells the memory of shame that she inherited from several generations in her family. To erase from her body what the psychiatrist Carl Jung called “the unconscious collective memory” of body shame, related to the belly.

The story of Sonya is unfortunately not unique! I have seen hundreds of Sonya’s during my 30 years of experience teaching women empowerment and Divine9 Dance. Fortunately, I could develop a method to help women, through the Divine9 Dance, to heal their body shame, in an efficient and fun way.

This method is now available to help even more women in my new Online Academy The Art of Being Feminine.
The women who have enrolled so far to follow this education, have been unanimously enthusiastic. They love the idea that they have a rich, fun, and efficient method available; that they can dance with me when and where they want; when they need it.. to heal and empower themselves, transform their body shame into body pleasure. And most of all: unleash their feminine power.

Read below what ladies say who enrolled one year ago:

I am a tomboy, have been playing handball most of my life and is working as an accountant, so I am very familiar with the masculine qualities. Through the Divine9 Dances I have rediscovered my primordial female force and what a force!
Vibeke Lundy, Denmark

I’m very glad that what you teach will not only teach me to how to dance, but also how to be more feminine, sensual and sexual as a woman and how to embody it and show in my everyday life. In the past, I was hiding my femininity, and my sensuality and sexuality was fast asleep for a long while.
Agnieszka Rybczynska, Ireland

I enrolled in this course in order to embody my confidence and now I am experiencing. I am amazed how fast this method works. I feel confident, stronger and happier than ever before.
Lori Thoenig

It helps me discover my femininity and all the qualities that put a woman in connection with her authentic soul, while accepting my shadows.
Anne-Laure, Switzerland

The whole Divine9 Dance is for me a real experiential female leadership program – with the deep self-recognition and self-awareness part and the learning / development / empowerment part coming from inside myself. It is not on a paper, in words, or in my head. It is exercised / danced through my entire body. From my body it goes back to my mind.
Lenka Mrázová, Czech Republic

The movements in her lessons are inspired on her years of long experience with Tunisian ancient dance rites, combined with knowledge on emotions and themes like self-confidence, boundaries, decisiveness, taking up space, and that shaped in a feminine way and especially through the body.
Barbara Benet, Netherlands

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and jump! And let me hold you by the hand and let’s jump and share and dance this feminine journey together, to heal our collective body shame and unleash our feminine power.
The world needs a more feminine women, free from body shame.

Join me now and let’s embark together on The Art of Being Feminine airplane.

Cannot wait to fly and dance with you in the air of The Art of Being Feminine!


PS: if you want to know more about The Art of Being Feminine have a look at the webpage here.
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