Kaouthar’s online training “The Art of Being Feminine“:
– Free the Wild Woman in You
– Free the Sensual Woman in You

  • Are you fed up and frustrated with ‘masculine strategies’ and outdated Alpha Male Leadership style?
  • Are you sometimes confused as you don’t know how to balance your feminine and masculine qualities?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your femininity?
  • Are you too much in your head and too little in your body?
  • Have you had enough of being overwhelmed by emotional turmoil?
  • Are you perplexed about how to be vulnerable without being a victim? How to be strong without being ‘a bitch’? How to be sexy without being ‘a slut’?
  • Are you looking for ways to boost your vibrancy and libido?
  • Do you want to develop a positive body image?
  • Do you need to increase your self-confidence?
  • Would you like to be more authentic and intuitive?
  • Are you simply longing to be more feminine with more vitality, pleasure and joy?

You are here at the right place! Whether you’re a total beginners or you have been practicing self-development and women empowerment for decades…


What it will feel like to master the Art of Being Feminine

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Woman


What it will feel like to master the Art of Being Feminine?

  • You lead with ease and pleasure your life and work by using your feminine capital
  • Your personal and professional performance goes up
  • You have a constant alignment between your head, heart and belly wisdom
  • You are assertive without being aggressive
  • You are strong & vulnerable at once
  • You are wild, sensual & sexy
  • You boost your vitality, your Erotic Capital, life-Force
  • You develop a positive body image, self-confidence, authenticity
  • You release stress physical, emotional, mental
  • You easily energize, recover from fatigue, depression, burnout
  • You enhance sisterhood collaboration & friendship with women

Your Art of Being Feminine training is your new best friend (you know, the one that calls you to remind you to not waste your Feminine Capital on dumb jobs & people)


Being a woman before The Art of Being Feminine Training:

  • your body image perception is sometimes positive, often critical and negative
  • you have a stiff and rigid body language
  • you are too much in the head, very little in the body
  • you lack self-confidence
  • you are too masculine
  • you are not in touch with your body intelligence
  • you have poor connection with your pelvis/belly wisdom
  • you confuse sensual and sexual
  • your emotions are a roller coaster
  • you have difficulty to feel and connect with your emotions
  • You suffer from shame, guilt, fear, grief, anger, depression

Being a woman after The Art of Being Feminine Training:

  • you love your body
  • you feel charismatic and attractive
  • you increase your Erotic Capital and X-factor
  • you are connected with the life force in your pelvis-womb
  • you can transform your life force into a creative force for better health, more money and better sex
  • you are self-confident and bold
  • Your will do your presentation like a rock star!
  • you feel alive, vibrant, energetic
  • you have more pleasure, fun and joy.


Effortlessly Release the Tensions and Worries About When & How to Be Feminine/Masculine

Notice the weight about being a feminine or masculine woman that you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, and the tension you’ve been experiencing for too long, disappear.

You’ll have a personal feminine practice that keeps you stress-free, self-confident, strong, soft, playful, and sensual. Consistently. No matter what life throws at you.

Improve the Relationships Both With Yourself and Other Women

With your new feminine treasures, never feel lonely or disconnected again. You’ll soon discover more fire, sensuality and vitality within. Your entire perspective will shift to one of joy, gratitude and understanding for all women who surround you.

Kaouthar really gives us a toolbox to experience life better and better every day, and I discover each time how much she gives us and the deepness of the work. My life has already changed a lot since I dance with her. I enjoy every part of this change and look forward to see and discover myself! To all women who hesitate: just do it ! Dive in it, you will be warmly welcomed and guided, with great love and care, on the most important path of your life!

Chloé Béguin

Manager Data Management, Geneva, Switzerland

How was this course created?

All the material of this training is based on real life experiences and case studies, mine and that of thousands of women I had the privilege and honor to help.


I was for a long time leading a schizophrenic life by using my masculine qualities at work and my feminine qualities at home. From outside my world looked perfect: I was successful, I had a brilliant career in the academia, corporate, media, a nice marriage, healthy child, great friends, a fancy life style… From inside I felt exhausted, lonely, empty, insecure, depressive, scared, a real failure… Until the pressure became so high that I collapsed, and I had a heavy burn-out. I lost everything. And most of all: I lost myself. Time for a reality check… The recovery process was long and painful. I was like a Phoenix rising from its ashes. After this intense and challenging journey, I gave birth to a new beautiful baby: my Divine9Dance® method to help myself in the first place, then to help other women boost their femininity in all areas of life, especially at work. The purpose is to enhance the feminine face of leadership so that women can live and lead with their feminine values.


With access to thousands of women empowerment & enhance femininity online courses, embodying dozens of different styles… finding the right feminine practice that works for YOU can seem like an impossible task…

That is… until you discover Art of Being Feminine online education!

It is unique in the fact that it is personalized for you.When you go through this training, you will be gifted with your own Personal Feminine Identity.

The combination of the individual practice, live coaching practice, and the Sisterhood Online Community will help you dramatically improve your performance and progress.

The profound affects you will experience from this combined practices are unlike any other form of women empowerment courses out there. 

Beautiful, insightful, pleasurable

I took out of the event(s) the fun, pleasure, safely travelling through my emotions, making fun of myself, getting in touch with the role plays I do getting in touch with my inner-self, appreciating my femininity.
Kaouthar’s teaching and methods are fun, challenging, sensual, powerful and caring.

I would recommend to any woman to join Kaouthar’s work, I believe we all have a lot to learn from it.

Susana Ferre

Finance Manager previously, currently Advisory, Coach and Therapist, Barcelona, Spain


We want to give you everything you need to have the best experience possible.
In the Art of Being Feminine, we have put together an incredible training to help you experience a new level of being a WoMan…

  • Lifetime access to the entire online training curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the Sisterhood Community
  • Introductory videos
  • Dance theory videos
  • Dance practice videos
  • Downloadable Music pieces
  • Individual assignments to support you with your practice
  • Bonuses: I will invite you to exclusive webinars, podcasts, readings etc.… These are for my students’ eyes & ears only.
  • NB. All our videos are shot by a professional film-crew with HD quality
  • All videos are in English and have subtitles in English to make it easier to practice with/without sound.
  • Every movement has been thoroughly filmed with few cameras to show it from different angles.
  • The filming includes the movements danced by Kaouthar and her Sisters, a diversity of 25 dancers/women with different bodies, colors, ages…

This is a great way to accelerate your learning experience as this diversity enhances the identification with the dancers and creates a feeling of togetherness, fun and intimacy.

Training program The Art of Being Feminine

A total Make Over from A to Z to look & feel Sublimely Feminine, Intensely Passionate, Delightfully Sensual. Step in your Feminine Capital, Shine & Rise!

Free The Wild Woman in You!


Free the Sensual Woman in You!


Here a navigation film through the Divine9Dance training platform, so that you experience what it looks and feels like.


Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni explores with you, in detail, the Divine9Dance® techniques with an innumerable repertory of ancient dance movements connected to the emotions they correspond to. This method helps you awaken the life force in your womb and body and heal the ‘basic wounds’ such as shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger… To move towards pleasure, vitality, sensuality, joy and self-love.

The Divine9Dance® online education is easy and fun to do and gives you a great physical and emotional ‘Road Map’ to help you on your feminine journey. That you can Rise & Shine!

This training offers you also an online ‘Sisterhood Community’ which is a wonderful e-learning meetup platform between Kaouthar and her students, and the students with other students. In this online community Kaouthar offers you regularly webinars with Live group coachings with a high level of discussion and dance-based engagement and connectivism.

The Art of Being Feminine learning happens not only through you as individual, but also within and across the networks of the other women which adds to the high quality of the training. You get support to achieve successfully your goals! The power is in your hands! YOUR success is OUR success!

Who this is for?

  • women who are tired of acting like men
  • women who are fed up for missing promotions because they are women/mothers
  • women who want to be respected and acknowledged in their femininity by men, at the workplace and dating-mating markets
  • women who want to raise their feminine valuta and level up their incomes
  • women who want to have more vitality and vibrancy
  • women who want to increase their libido, have more sex, get pregnant

Who is this NOT for?

  • someone looking for a quick fix.
  • someone looking for using their Feminine Capital for bimbo practices
  • to manipulate men
  • to get promotion based only on your erotic capital and looks.

Now is your time to invest in that Divine Woman in you! She wants to come out! Listen to her now!

You can do this training from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world, and on your schedule. You can complete the training from the comfort of your home, as long as you have an Internet connection!

The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and repeat the lessons as much as you wish.

Remember, this isn’t a quick process by any means – you’ll be building a Feminine Treasure that will serve you for the rest of your life, so it’s best to do it right the first time around. We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.

Participating in the online training has given me deep technical insight in the movements and a good understanding of how I can use which movement in an emotional process.

Isabel Bevort

Data Scientist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I have helped women all over the world to awaken the Divine Woman within, and I would love to help you!

Now is your time to invest in the Divine Woman inside of you!

The Art of Being Feminine is a step by step training that shows you how to turn into that amazing Woman you want to be!
Change your life, and the lives of women around you. There has never been a better time to be a Woman!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed? Have any questions or need support? Send us an e-mail: info@kaouthar.com

What is included in this program?
  • Lifetime access to the entire training curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the Sisterhood Community
  • Introduction videos
  • Dance theory videos
  • Dance practice videos
  • Personal assignments
  • Live Coaching Sessions
  • Downloadable Music pieces
  • Bonuses: extra webinars, podcasts, readings etc…
What do I need to participate in the training?
You need an internet connection to access the training. Because there is streaming video a broadband connection is recommended.
Is the Divine9Dance training® The Art of Being Feminine mobile-friendly?
Yes, you may enjoy the full course experience from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
How do I access the course?
Once you complete the enrollment process, go to www.Divine9Dance.com and log in with your account using the same details you used to purchase the course.
How do I pay?
Click the payment option that fits your budget and you’ll be redirected to our safe and secure payment server. We accept creditcard payments and PayPal.
What is the refund policy?
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Online Divine9Dance experiences. You may request a refund within 14 days of your purchase date. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at info@kaouthar.com to request your refund.
How about my privacy & security?
All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure. For more details check our privacy statement.
My order is not going through. I need technical assistance.
We’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulty. Please contact our team at info@kaouthar.com

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