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Free the Wild Woman in You
Free the Sensual Woman in You

Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education
  • Do you feel like you’ve forgotten how to be feminine? Became too masculine?
  • Are you too much in your head and too little in your body?
  • Are you looking for ways to boost your sensuality, sex appeal and libido?
  • Do you want to increase your positive body image? Your self-confidence?
  • Have you had enough of being overwhelmed by fear, sorrow, guilt, shame?
  • Do you need better boundaries? To be more assertive (without being aggressive)?
  • Would you like to live from alignment head-heart-belly?
  • Are you simply longing to be more feminine with more vitality, pleasure and joy?

You are here at the right place! Whether you’re a total beginner or you have been practicing self-development and women empowerment for decades…


What it will feel like to master the Art of Being Feminine

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Woman

Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education

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  • You feel very feminine, full of grace and beauty
  • You love your body, feel charismatic, attractive
  • You are self-confident, alive, vibrant, energetic
  • Increase your Erotic Capital and X-factor to attract more love, health and wealth

I signed up for the new online training The Art of Being Feminine, of Kaouthar Darmoni. In one word fantastic! The movements in her lessons are inspired on her years long experience with Tunisian ancient dance rites, combined with knowledge on emotions and themes like self-confidence, boundaries, decisiveness, taking up space, and that shaped in a feminine way and especially through the body. Most of all I find it fun, dynamic, solid and terrific; hard work and with a lot of pleasure. Really superb!

Barbara Benet

Voorschoten, Netherlands


The Art of Being Feminine is meant for women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening their femininity and enhancing their sensuality.
It is easy and fun to do and gives you a great physical and emotional ‘Road Map’ to help you on your feminine journey.

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni explores with you, in detail, exciting Technique with an innumerable repertory of ancient dance movements she learned from her female ancestors in Tunisia-North-Africa.

She shares with you the ancient art of Cabasa Dance® (dance with Pelvic floor muscles) to clean your womb/vulva from old negative emotions and traumas; as well as nurture and juice up your womb.
Beware: your life force/libido will go skyrocket!

In Free the Wild Woman in You, you practice Fire Dances for a physical, emotional & mental cleansing of your body. You heal old sabotaging emotions stuck in your body cells, such as pain, fear, sorrow, guilt, shame and you move towards vitality, joy, pleasure and fun.
In Free the Sensual Woman in You, you practice Water Dances to experience beauty, grace, charisma, elegance and attractiveness.

With the Divine Experience (Wild & Sensual) you will be gifted with your own Personal Feminine Identity. You have a total Makeover that helps you to look and feel amazing, from inside & outside! The profound change you will experience from these combined practices are unlike any other form of women empowerment courses out there.

Last but not least…The Art of Being Feminine learning happens not only through you as individual, but also within an online ‘Sisterhood Community’, which is a wonderful e-learning meetup platform between Kaouthar and her students, and the students with other students. In this online community Kaouthar offers you regularly Live Coachings with a high level of discussion, dance-based engagement and connectivism. You get support to achieve successfully your goals!
YOUR success is OUR success!



We want to give you everything you need to have the best experience possible.
In the Art of Being Feminine, we have put together an incredible training to help you experience a new level of being a WoMan…

  • Lifetime access to the entire online training curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the Sisterhood Community
  • Lifetime access to Live coachings to help you with your progress
  • Individual assignments to support you with your practice
  • More than 50 films with dance practice & theory videos
  • Every dance film contains 3 dancing lessons: Technical Dance, Emotional Dance and Cabasa Dance (based on pelvis physiotherapy)
  • Downloadable Music pieces that will enchant your ears
  • Bonuses: exclusive webinars, podcasts, readings etc.…
  • NB. All our videos were shot by a professional film-crew with HD quality
  • All videos are in English and have subtitles in English to make it easier to practice with/without sound.
  • Every movement has been thoroughly filmed with several cameras to show it from different angles.
  • The filming includes the movements danced by Kaouthar and her Sisters, a diversity of 25 dancers/women, my Sisters in Crime, with different bodies, colors, ages…
  • This is a great way to accelerate your learning experience as this diversity enhances the identification with the dancers and creates a feeling of togetherness, fun and intimacy.

The Art of Being Feminine

A total Make Over from A to Z to look & feel Sublimely Feminine, Intensely Passionate, Delightfully Sensual. Step in your Feminine Capital, Shine & Rise!


Free The Wild Woman in You!


Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education - Curriculum Free The Wild Woman In You

Free the Sensual Woman in You!


Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education - Curriculum Free The Sensual Woman In You
Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education

This is a navigation film through the Divine9Dance® training platform, so that you experience what it looks and feels like.

How was this course created?

All the material of this training is based on real life experiences and case studies, mine and that of thousands of women I had the privilege and honor to help.
I was for a long time leading a schizophrenic life by using my masculine qualities at work and my feminine qualities at home. From outside my world looked perfect: I was successful, beautiful, healthy, wealthy… From inside I felt exhausted, empty, insecure, depressive, scared, a real failure… Until the pressure became so high that I collapsed. I lost everything. And most of all: I lost myself. The recovery process was long and painful. This is when I created my Divine9Dance® method to heal myself and rise like a Phoenix from my ashes. The healing journey was so empowering that I started sharing my knowledge to help other women heal and live with the power of their Feminine Capital.


Thank you Kaouthar for the online course! It just falls right! My “boyfriend” had told me 2 weeks ago that he is with someone else! This news touched me right in the heart and in the body! It was so violent! I thought I was falling into a black hole without end … I had a physical pain in my heart. I did not sleep for 10 days ….
After the first days of shock, I started slowly the Shimmies movements. It was so good to shake out all that pain and free my heart, to release and clean the pain in the womb/matrix. It’s so strong and effective!
I could really see the effectiveness of your Divine9Dance movements! Your teaching is worth gold and is the best investment one can make in oneself, to love oneself!
I do not know how to thank you my beautiful Kaouthar! Also, for your courage to spread and develop more and more this knowledge! I am so happy to discover your online course! Very good ! I’m kissing you with all my heart,

Judith Lebègue


Now is your time to invest in that Divine Woman in you! She wants to come out! Listen to her now!

Designed for women who want to invest in self-care & self-love, and who plan for an additional value for their own practice, looking for a solid and practical feminine concept from A to Z that contributes in their happiness.

This can be quite a significant investment for you. But remember: the best investment you can ever make is in yourself! You are about to purchase an education with a high professional, technical and pedagogical quality and that will benefit you for the rest of your life as a woman.

This is an online encyclopedia in femininity. It summarizes Kaouthar’s life’s oeuvre, her dance, academic and emotional work which helped healing and empowering thousands of women around the world.

You can do this training from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world, and on your schedule. The entire program is completely digital, so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you’ll never miss a beat: you can start and re-start the course at any time. You go at your own pace, repeat the lessons, assignments and live coaching’s as much as you wish.

By investing in yourself as a woman, you are also ensuring that you are well-taken care of in the future. You’ll be building a timeless and endless Feminine Treasure that will serve you for the rest of your life! 

You will get back a great return on your investment, especially if you set aside 2-3 hours per week to go through the program, implement the assignments and follow the Live coaching sessions.

By investing this in yourself, you are telling the world that your value as a woman, your Feminine Capital, is important enough to invest the time, energy, money, and space to grow and stand out in a crowd to proudly say: Yes, I am a Woman!

NB: Last but not least: this online education is a smart investment for professionals (coaches, trainers, therapists) and women working with women. They are invited to share the deeper wisdoms of the Divine9-method® as philosophy, perspective, dance practice and coaching trajectory: by learning how to transform mastery into magic and thus by becoming an ambassador for Feminine Capital and Women Empowerment.

Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education

Sorry, enrolling to this course


Is Closed

We launch this course only twice a year. The next enrollment will be in Summer 2019

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Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education

I have helped women all over the world to awaken the Divine Woman within, and I would love to help YOU!

Become that amazing Woman you want to be! Change your life, and the lives of women around you. There has never been a better time to be a Woman!

Divine9Dance with Kaouthar showed me a part of myself I hadn’t discovered yet. A whole level that could not have been discovered only with the quality of the analytic brain. In this Western society we are used to put our emotions away and keep on going. Through dancing the Divine9Dance you give yourself and your body the space to feel again. And Kaouthar gave me the tools to manage the emotions, not drown, but keep on moving and keep it light!

Maria Schippers

team leader childcare, and mother of three children, Netherlands

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What is included in this program?
  • Lifetime access to the entire training curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the Sisterhood Community
  • Lifetime access to Live Coaching Sessions
  • Introduction videos
  • Dance theory videos
  • Dance practice videos
  • Personal assignments
  • Downloadable Music pieces
  • Bonuses: extra webinars, podcasts, readings etc…
What do I need to participate in the training?
You need an internet connection to access the training. Because there is streaming video a broadband connection is recommended.
Is the Divine9Dance® Therapy training® The Art of Being Feminine mobile-friendly?
Yes, you may enjoy the full course experience from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
How do I access the course?
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Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Education

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