Goddess Thalassa Retreat

New 2018 Retreats have been planned!

in 5 Stars Spa Resort Royal Elyssa in Tunisia

More info to follow

Next Goddess Retreats in Tunisia:

  • 24-28 April 2018 FeMale Leadership & Goddesses (Business & Soul)
  • 26-30 June 2018
  • 16-20 October 2018

The One Week in Tunisia Goddess Retreats

Develop an ‘erotic brain’ by tapping into the flow between your brain and your womb. Explore ‘Intuitive Dances’ to feel the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ intuitively (not rationally). Practice the mystical ‘Dances of Ecstasy’. Go on a sensory inner journey with the help of the divine spirits.
In a truly Oriental 1001-nights entourage in the 5 Stars Resort Royal Elyssa Thalassa & Spa in Monastir I teach you a week long how to appreciate the voices within yourself as a metaphor for inner process and progress: listen to them, recognize who is speaking and become aware of the goddesses – from sea goddess Thalassa to the sensual Ishtar – that most influence you. To have a better window on the world we go to where the goddesses danced their dances in the first place. North-Africa and in particular the Tunisian-region (yes, where I come from!).

Every detail is lovingly planned so that you experience a remarkable holiday filled with memories you will long cherish. It’s all about nourishing your body, enjoying and relaxing and having fun with other women. You go home feeling amazingly feminine, sensual and playful.

  • Dancing indoor & outdoor: studio, sea, hammam, pool
  • 5 days and 4 nights full pension in the 5 star Royal Elyssa
  • 3 delicious healthy meals day (French/Mediterranean cuisine)
  • Invigorating Thalassa Spa Cure: massages, hammam, bio-marine

And there will be plenty of time to embrace the beautiful landscape that will cast its spell over you.

  • Cultural tours and activities: the Medieval city, the Bazar, the Kasbah, the museum

Goddess Retreats with Kaouthar: Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual

In this retreat you can dance/explore new skills about being feminine, sensual and playful, find inner and outer balance as a woman, nourish your body and enjoy, relax and have fun with other amazing women! That is all we do and we do it exceptionally well! This retreat provides you with the perfect balance between relaxation and action; health and indulgence, to experience and embrace the beautiful landscape that have cast its spell over us.
From the moment our goddesses step into our retreat, they are taken care of, so all they have to do is show up and enjoy. Every detail of the retreat is carefully and lovingly planned so that our goddesses experience a remarkable holiday filled with memories they will cherish long after they return home. After this magical journey you will go home nourished, feeling amazingly feminine, sensual and playful!

Goddess Retreat Tunisia promo video


Every woman is a goddess and has a goddess within her. Born to celebrate Mother Earth and the Power of Women (5000 years ago), Goddess Belly Dance with Kaouthar will enhance your femininity, sensuality and body awareness. In every woman DNA there is Great Goddess, and she wants to come out! Now. Will you listen to her?

If you choose to listen, then welcome to Kaouthar’s realm of the senses. Immerse yourself into her magical feminine world. In her retreats, Kaouthar initiates you into the tradition of this ancient dance. Dive into her 1001 nights world and enjoy empowering and healing feminine rituals. A veritable fountain of rejuvenation.


Discover through Kaouthar’s CocoCabassa Method® how to dive into your womb by dancing with the pelvic floor-muscles, how to connect with your life force and transform it into an infinite source of pleasure and creativity. Learn how to love and enjoy your body, how to dance to increase your charisma and power of attraction and be in touch with that juicy and playful woman in you.

Dance the Warrior of Compassion Goddess, known for her focus, courage and assertiveness. Dance your strength and vulnerability. Experience through fun tribal dances the ‘Magical Bond’ of intimacy and solidarity amongst women-goddesses, sharing a wonderful sisterhood experience.

Develop an ‘erotic brain’ by dancing the flow between your brain and your womb. Explore ‘Intuitive Dances’ to feel the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ intuitively (not rationally). Practice the mystical ‘Dances of Ecstasy’ and go on a sensory inner journey into the mesmerizing world of spirit.

Kaouthar will take you on a fantastic Goddesses journey to supply you with vibrant and concrete dancing experiences that can be used effectively to produce great self-understanding, self-appreciation and
joy. You learn through her dances to trust and enjoy your body. You will reach the full circle of your feminine qualities and grow to a juicy, authentic and amazing woman. Dance, arise and glow the Great Goddess in you!


To be immersed in the world of Femininity.

The Yes for this retreat was stronger than all the material and organisational obstacles. I found a solution for everything.

For me personally and professionally, it was very important to meet Kaouthar at this moment in my life. I wanted to meet her as woman and dive into her feminine universe.
My only goal was to continue the deepening of my feminine side and to enjoy to the maximum.
Proud to be a woman and happy to be surrounded by such beautiful, generous and proud women!

Kaouthar is a great teacher and pedagogue. She transmits her expertise and her whole being with a generosity, enthusiasm and a lot a lot of joy. Thank you!
For taking care of us and of our bodies and sharing it with all women!

I loved everything, and I enjoyed it all!
I would say: Just go! It is an unforgettable experience!
I would highly recommend to do this retreat in Tunisia make, to receive the transmission of Kaouthar’s culture and her knowledge in her native country.

Stoll Florence

Therapist, Psycho-Analyst, Paris-Nanterre, France

Amazing journey in Tunisia, dancing, learning, practicing, hammam, to be a better my-self !

Kaouthar’s work is original and powerful. An incredible feeling of alignment as a woman! This should be taught in all the schools over the world!!

Béatrice Zubler Favrod

Naturopathe, Begnins, Switzerland

Kaouthar is definitely a warrior-goddess, bootcamp style training that’s not for the faint-hearted!

It was interesting to experience Kaouthar’s unique & strong teaching style, which is very different to what I was familiar with in women’s workshops in the West.

What I enjoyed most was the actual physical movement of the dance and also the traditional hammam with the women. As a teacher of sacred feminine embodiment and female sexuality, I would recommend Kaouthar’s retreat as a lively introduction for women who are wanting to awaken their sensuality.

Dévashi Shakti

Founder of Tigress Yoga, Australia

Une plongé dans le monde du féminin

Le oui à partir au stage était plus fort que tous les obstacles matériels et organisationnels. J’ai trouvé une solution pour tout.

Pour moi et mon propre travail c’était très important de rencontrer Kaouthar à ce moment dans ma vie. J’avais envie de la rencontrer entant que femme et de plonger dans son univers du féminin qu’elle propose.
Mon seul objectif était de continuer l’approfondissement de ma part féminine et d’en profiter un maximum.
Fière d’être une femme et heureuse d’être entourée de femmes aussi belles, généreuses et fières!

Kaouthar est une excellente pédagogue. Elle transmet son savoir faire et être avec une générosité, un enthousiasme et beaucoup beaucoup de joie. Merci!

De prendre soin de nous et de nos corps dans un échange avec toutes les femmes!
J’ai tout aimé et j’ai profité de tout!
Vas y c’est une expérience inoubliable!

Je recommande vivement de partir en Tunisie faire cette retraite et recevoir la transmission de sa culture, son savoir être et faire dans son pays natal.

Stoll Florence

Thérapeute en Analyse Psycho-Organique et EMDR, Paris-Nanterre, France


For the retreat in Tunisia you are invited in this Goddess Voyage to the sumptuous 5 starts hotel Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa in Monastir-Tunisia, quoted by the professional international touristic press as one of the finest spa and thalasso centers in the world… The Hotel is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and a magnificent golden-sanded beach. The sea, outdoor and indoor pools will meet your aquatic pleasures. The hotel is spreading on 16500 square meters where fitness, beauty, spa and thalasso are conjugated.

The Restaurant offers a particularly rich and varied buffet enhanced by traditional Tunisian and European dishes with high quality fresh fish and vegetables which taste is incomparable…

A rejuvination experience with ‘Splendeur Orientale’

This is a well-being and rejuvenation retreat where we are literally bathing into the sensuality of the Goddesses. In the morning we experience the healing power of Kaouthar’s Goddesses dance; and in the afternoon we enjoy the invigorating cure of the Sea Goddess Thalassa (spa, hammam, bio-marin, massage…)

We will also go on a Discovery trip ‘Splendeur Orientale’ to visit the old roman museum, the Kasbah in the medina (medieval Arab city), old Arab palaces, exotic bazaars…

It will be an unforgettable experience, full of wonder, healing, pleasure and adventure.

Online reservations for new 2018 Goddess Retreats Tunisia can be made soon.
For inquiries, please contact us!

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