How I love guiding women towards their glorious femininity.

Read Vibeke’s life-changing journey and how for example her sensuality and sexuality have been given a totally different meaning to her:

Since 2015 I have attended several of Kaouthar’s workshops, seminars and latest her online training: Divine9 Dance Therapy® “The Art of Being Feminine”

I am a tomboy, have been playing handball most of my life and am working as an accountant, so I am very familiar with the masculine qualities. For many years I combined the feminine aspects with weakness and felt uncomfortable and like an elephant in a china store, when the feminine aspects crossed my life in some way or another.

Nevertheless, I knew that I had to integrate these qualities to become more balanced, and Kaouthar’s training has been the answer for me on this matter. Through the divine dances I have rediscovered my primordial female force and what a force! Sensuality and sexuality have been given a totally new meaning to me and I love my body despite my overweight. I would never dream of consulting my head anymore when it comes to decision making… instead I ask my womb and my heart.

Doing the Cabasa techniques and using the goddess balls have done such an impact on my pelvic floor muscles. I am 57 years old, and at my last pelvic examination my doctor exclaim that she had seldom experienced such strong muscles.

Do I need to mention that my husband is a huge fan of the training too .

When you attend Kaouthar’s training, you we have one of the most authentic, enthusiastic, passionate, caring and lovable teachers that I have ever met by your side. She is a top professional, has a lot of insight and is still earthy.
I can only give her my very best recommendations.

Vibeke Lundby,
Denmark, Accountant, Environmental Coordinator and Polarity Therapist


Vibeke Lundby, Denmark / Accountant, Environmental Coordinator and Polarity Therapist