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Kaouthar has been giving classes, workshops, bootcamps, trainings, retreats, lectures, interview, tv appearances, and so on, for many years now.

Get inspired and read here what other people, who have been working with her, tell about her.

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Events: Goddess Retreat in Switzerland, Goddess Training 1 and 2, Classes

Tagline: Beautiful, insightful, pleasurable

How to overcome initial objections: I didn’t have any worries, because i had attended Kaouthar’s classes in Amsterdam and I knew I was in the best hands to work on my feminity and erotic power
I knew it was good quality for price, she always gives her best.

Experience: Preciously I had attended her weekly classes. In my opinion her weekly classes are the best way to get softly introduced and familiar with Kaouthar’s philosophy and message
They are gentle and very effective.

I took out of the event(s) the fun, pleasure, safely travelling through my emotions, making fun of myself, getting in touch with the role plays I do getting in touch with my inner-self, appreciating my femininity.

The challenge for me was that in Switzerland i struggled because I had just left my Finance job, without being aware of it I think my body was exhausted.
I was surprised needed to sleep 14 hour a day, and still I felt physically tired all the time, it was a will power struggle.
Maybe also the intense emotional work caused this need for rest.

My insights were that erotic pleasure can be found everywhere, not only in a relationship man to woman as I had been raised to believe.
We can use our erotic and sexual energy to enjoy the nature, our bodies, the food, it is independent from a relationship and independent from sex. This gave me so much freedom, lifted a big weight. I no longer needed a relationship to feel pleasure, and i could nourish myself from so many things

I came with my mum, at the beginning i doubted it had been a good idea to go both of us.
But at the end i was very pleased to share being a woman with her, we shared our femininity, our feelings and emotions. It strengthened our bond.

What I liked best was she setting in the mountains (Switzerland) and of course Kaouthar’s gift for dance and emotional work.

Kaouthar’s teaching and methods are fun, challenging, sensual, powerful and caring.

I would recommend to any woman to join Kaouthar’s work, I believe we all have a lot to learn from it

Susana Ferre

Finance Manager previously, currently Advisory, Coach and Therapist, Barcelona, Spain

Event: Goddess teacher Training 1

Tagline: The best decision in my life

Initial objections and how to overcome: I did have some objections concerning the cost (it is quite an investment) but then I thought that it is the best way to spend my money : I would not hesitate to, from time to time, go on Holiday or spend money on some “ephemere”, not lasting things. The work with Kaouthar, for me, is like going to the SPA for a week-end, nourish yourself in so many ways, and then continuing to feel the beneficial effects the rest of your life, and continue to grow with it. It is, really, an investment. So why hesitate?

Experiences: Every time I woke up to go to the week-ends with Kaouthar, every time I talk about my work with her, every time I think of it, the first thing that comes up is : “signing up for this training was the best decision, and the most life-changing decision I ever made”. I don’t think I have enough word to describe how much it brought (and is still bringing) me.

I followed one day of workshop with Kaouthar in april 2015 in Geneva, and loved it. But at that time, I had lots of fear : I felt that this work could help me grow in a lot of ways, but I was afraid (of feeling my emotions, of becoming powerful, etc.). But I told myself : “I will work with her again, because she’s the first one talking and working about femininity with whom I agree totally”.

So when I came to Amsterdam to study, and saw the training over 9 months, I knew this was time.

What I especially like with this formula of one week-end every month, each time focused on a different archetype of Goddess, is that we really can go deeply, and then we have ~a month in between to experience the changes in our life, and continue to slowly integrating what we have done.

One of the best feeling I take home after every week-end is the one of sisterhood, of magical bond between all the women that take part in this training, and by extension all the women on earth. This reshaped entirely the way I view and act around women, and hence men also.

This work helps me also a lot to anchor in my body and my feelings, in a way I had never experienced before. Recently, I had an important meeting and was thinking a lot, stressing about it ; in every steps that lead me to the meeting, I walked with Kaouthar’s work in mind : to feel what I needed, what my feelings about it were, to anchor myself in my body and let the mind rest, to anchor my resolution to be heard and to easily set my boundaries with love,… and I had a wonderful day, not only my meeting went perfectly (and I felt calm, fine, (almost) not nervous), but the rest of the day was a succession of little surprises and nice events.

Kaouthar really gives us a toolbox to experience life better and better every day, and I discover each time how much she gives us and the deepness of the work we do with her. My life has already changed a lot since I started this training, I enjoy every part of this change and look forward to see and discover myself in the following months !

To all the goddesses who hesitate : just do it ! Dive in, you will be warmly welcomed and guided, with great love and care, on (I think) the most important path of your life =) !

Chloé Béguin

Student, Geneva, Switzerland

Event: Goddess Retreat

Tagline: A cultural immersion in the spirit of Goddess Bellydance

How to overcome initial objections: My only concern was the traveller warnings about going to Tunisia as a foreigner… I was determined to go anyway, but was a little concerned about an Australian website warning not to go! At no point did I feel unsafe while in Tunisia though.

Experience: I was really looking forward to meeting Kaouthar after seeing her TED talk. I felt like I would be meeting a kindred spirit – a teacher who is womanly, fierce, passionate and teaching from her direct experience of Goddess energy. I wanted to re-ignite my love for bellydance, by immersing in a culture where it’s from. This is definitely a warrior-goddess, bootcamp style training that’s not for the faint-hearted! It was interesting to experience Kaouthar’s unique & strong teaching style, which is very different to what I was familiar with in women’s workshops in the west. What I enjoyed most was the actual physical movement of the dance and also the traditional hammam with the women. As a teacher of sacred feminine embodiment and female sexuality, I would recommend Kaouthar’s retreat as a lively introduction for women who are wanting to awaken their sensuality.

Dévashi Shakti

Founder of Tigress Yoga

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Een thuiskomen bij mezelf! Ik ben weer meer in contact gekomen met mijn vrouwelijkheid. Een blijvende verdieping en transformatie.

Experience: In deze periode ben ik begonnen met Kundalini yoga. Samen met deze workshop is er een weg ingeslagen, waarbij ik me bewuster word van mijn vrouwelijke belevingswereld. Ik veranker dit meer en meer in mijn lichaaam. De workshop van Kaouthar was zo inspirerend en zeker door de intensiteit, het tempo en haar enthousiasme, was er geen ” ontsnappen” mogelijk. Ik werd ergens doorheengetrokken. Dit bewustzijn ervaar ik nog steeds en breidt zich steeds verder uit. Ik voel me steeds mee één in wie ik ben. Het werken met de archetypen is mij vanuit het Jungiaanse gedachtegoed bekend. Het beleven van deze vrouwelijke archetypen is versterkt door deze workshop. Ik ben me er meer van bewust.

Marijke Postma

Beeldend kunstenaar, Jungiaans analytisch therapeut, Arnhem, the Netherlands

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