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Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Amazing experience

How to overcome initial objections: Babysitting for my children. I did not have any place for my children to stay, while I was attending, when I signed up.
But I was so committed to attending, that it all worked out perfectly in the end.

Experience: For me this workshop was like comming home – comming even deeper into my body and my self.
I loved the closeness with the other sisters, all the bodywork, the music and the instructions and stories that Kaouthar enlightened us with.
Now after the workshop I feel like my body has had a cleansing, all resistens in it is gone (both mentally and psychical), I feel free, empowered, clear and more flexible.
The clearness is fantastic, because it is like I can now step out in the world as me – show who I’m and use all my abilities. I feel selfconfidence, happy and excited.
I liked that you were so easy to be around Kaouthar, and it was so easy to feel at ease with you.

I will be back for more, and of course I would recommend every woman to join Kaouthars work.

Thank goddess for Kaouthar <3 <3 <3
A big kiss to you my dear friend, THANK you.

Emilie Storm P

relaxationtherapist and spirituel lifementor, Bogoe By, Denmark

Event: Goddess Retreat

Tagline: Amazing journey in Tunisia, dancing, learning, practicing, hammam to be a better my-self !

Experience: I had 2 previous experiences with Kaouthar in Switzerland. The first in October 15, the second in July 16.
Before the event I had no special expectation except to depend what I had learned before.
I think the work of Kaouthar is essential for me as a women. Her completely original and powerful teaching is made of theory, practicing, movements, dancing in a way that one first don’t exactly get the meaning of what is going on. And suddenly an incredible feeling of align this should be thought in all the schools over the world!!

Béatrice Zubler Favrod

naturopathe, Begnins, Switzerland

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Great combination of music, dance, bodywork and self-healing

How to overcome initial objections: Women power and feminism in the usual western way I cannot stand for. (I was an engineer and worked long time in the masculine way of business. The dogmatic feminism damages more than bring us women real help.)

But Kaouthars ideas I have seen on the videos seemed quite different – and they are indeed. Instead of charging the men’s way as negative, women should think about how we treat ourselves, our partners and how to educate our sons and daughters as the next generation. This will help to find back to natural interconnection between yin and yang forces.

Experience: For the next workshop I would love to bring all my female patients with me! We should share this fantastic work with every woman:
– Kaouthar has a empowering charisma, really enlightening
– We need to connect our womb power with the brain power – not only the women, everybody does.
– While moving and dancing we learn to feel ourselves, to connect with our emotions (e-movere, to bring in motion!)
– While feeling our emotions, they can be transformed.
– Hereby the archaic dance movements are very helpful. The goddess dances are as old as the human kind is. Therefore our bodies re-member, re-connect . Healing and comfort is the natural response.
– The usual bellydance as showtime I am not interested in. But to dance for myself or to dance with my dear friends to find a way to comfort and to transform difficult emotions is so well-doing.

Additionally: I am looking forward to the next workshop!
And in the meanwhile I will dance, dance, dance and do the bodywork with Kaouthars voice in my mind:
squeeeeeze, releeeease, perineum, vagina, pipi and clitoris… 😉

Silja Thiemann

Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Korschenbroich, Germany

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Powerful!

Experience: A friend and myself just wanted to take an oriental dancing course together, for fun. We didn’t know about Kaouthar’s work at all. We only saw “oriental dancing” and the place was nearby, so off we went! Wow, I can’t believe what a powerful and empowering WE this was!! It was not at all what we expected but just so much better and greater! I can’t wait to start training with Kaouthar in January as I’ve signed up for the course 🙂 Kaouthar is not only beautiful, sensual, clever, funny, down-to-earth and sensitive but also really generous with her time and knowledge. She helps women get in touch with their feminity and their power with grace. She brings women together, as sisters. She helps us balance our feminine and masculine energies within. And much more! Ladies, sisters, join up as soon as you can, you won’t regret it!

Jacqueline Rime

physiotherapist, Bulle, Switzerland

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Mindblowing reconnection

Experience: The tempo of exercises was challenging.

That bodylanguage can be so honest and wise was an insight for me.

I can practise almost everywhere and its such a different body feeling.

I liked the best thesisterhood and being connected with myself and everything

Kaouthar’s teaching and methods were extraordinary exiting and unusual.

I would you definitely recommend other women to join Kaouthar’s work.

Your 2 days workshop in Willig, Germany, was absolutely amazing!!!
Goddess Belly Dance is an extraordinary, powerful and heart-touching womenwork which definetely changes my life!
Suddenly there is a bodyconnection between my brain and womb again and it feels so healthy and strong and powerful and grounded, long wished for and -such a gift- I feel it now!!! If every woman would do this work, we can really change the world to a beautiful place!!!Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your incredible inspiring work with us!!!!!!!

Bettina Schulze-Bisping

Clinikclown, Cologne, Germany

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Tangible Sisterhood

Experience: I experienced tangible sisterhood in a way that was very profound and bodybased. I always thought of myself as a “bodyperson” not being afraid of touching and bodycontact. Then we did an exercise where we all stood in a long row touching each others bodies or dancing very close in couples and saying “hello” to each other with our boobs! This was very new for me! First it made me shy but then I could surrender and really enjoy receiving physical contact and sensuality from another sister!

So one of my key-insights was that we as “western” women have lost this ability to take and ask for physical caretaking and nurturing from other women, from our sisters!
And also that we often stay in one feeling and not letting it go afterwards!

What I take from this workshop is that it is ok to be physical close with other women – it doesn´t mean directly that we are gay.
And that together we can go through everything! And in order to do this in the feminine way – we only need to use our bodies 🙂

Laura Sophie Kreuzer

cook / midwife, Järna, Sweden/ Freiburg, Germany

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: A revitalizing experience that I would recommend to everyone.

How to overcome initial objections: I was a bit worried that I would be the only ‘newby’ but I wasn’t, there were so many women attending that had never attended a class by Kaouthar before.

Experience: I was quite nervous before going to the workshop, I had seen Kaouthar’s work before, but had never attended a class myself. I am not a very ‘touchy-feely’ person, and I am not very comfortable dancing. That was one of the reasons to sign up. I want to overcome these kind of feelings, as they feel unnatural to me. Dancing and feeling comfortable with my own body should be so logical, but somehow it just isn’t to me. I am very happy I came to the bootcamp. I learned a lot about my own feelings, other women, about what we have in common (A LOT), and what we fear. It made me realize we are all the same, and different at the same time, which makes us beautiful and that in itself made me realize I should be more proud of myself. It made me realize I can be proud of the women that I have become. I went home happy and relaxed.


Utrecht, the Netherlands

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: A great grounding and feminine event

Experience: I chose this event to express my femininity and let go of physical blocks in moving like we are supposed to do so.

Challenging was that it was intense for the body. But ok.

My insight was letting go of stiffness. Just move…

I took home freedom in the body

I liked that Kaouthar is free and IS in what she does… It is a true living story, not a learned Head thing.

I felt I had to be there.
It was a lot in 1 weekend. I can do a lot of work myself.

Valuable for me was feeling free in the body like a women supposed to feel.

I’d tell other women to join!

Would love to connect how to work together so the message will be spread to be a free women with 2 feet on the earth. I am thought last 7 years to be free in all. Why is all the way it is. This workshop is the last part… be also free in the body as a women. We have to share!!! Live energy is back in my bottom…. I felt dead in a way. Knowing all. Lets share and help the world be free and awake. Your work is soooo important, Thanks for sharing with your fire, heart and head <3
Lets connect.


Dalen, Holland

Event: Goddess teacher Training

Experience: I had no experience with Kaouthar,Joy, happiness.
Challenging were the movements
That this works on our lifeforce and our sorce of energy!
There is a feeling of unity among the other feminine.
Its like a devine feeling of the feminine energy
For the 100 procent.
We women all over the world are mostle suppressed. This is the way that you all can feel the power of woman

Additionally: Since I joined her course my feeling of joy is back and every weekend I return home fully energized and joyful, flowing,vibrating and glowing

Carla Shakuntela Mahabier

TCMtherapist Yogateacher, acupuncturist NLPMaster, the Netherlands

Event: Goddess Retreat

Tagline: une plongé dans le monde du féminin

How to overcome initial objections: Le oui à partir au stage était plus fort que tous les obstacles matériels et organisationnels. J’ai trouvé une solution pour tout.

Experience: Pour moi et mon propre travail c’était très important de rencontrer Kaouthar à ce moment dans ma vie. J’avais envie de la rencontrer entant que femme et de plonger dans son univers du féminin qu’elle propose.

Mon seul objectif était de continuer l’approfondissement de ma part féminine et d’en profiter un maximum.

Fière d’être une femme et heureuse d’être entourée de femmes aussi belles, généreuses et fières!

Kaouthar est une excellente pédagogue. Elle transmet son savoir faire et être avec une générosité, un enthousiasme et beaucoup beaucoup de joie. Merci!

De prendre soin de nous et de nos corps dans un échange avec toutes les femmes!

J’ai tout aimé et j’ai profité de tout!

Vas y c’est une expérience inoubliable!

Je recommande vivement de partir en Tunisie faire cette retraite et recevoir la transmission de sa culture, son savoir être et faire dans son pays natal.

Stoll Florence

Thérapeute en Analyse Psycho-Organique et EMDR, Nanterre, France

Event: Screening of Coco Cabasa the film

Experience: Thank you for having the movie Coco Cabasa send to me. I enjoyed learning more about you, your family, friends, the way your life has unfolded.
I have always looked upon you as a very strong person. Everything about you radiates strength: your smile, your core-muscles, your beautiful hair, but most of all the way you express what is on your mind. You have such energy and conviction in your choices and mission. You are an example and it is thanks to women like you that femininity will be more appreciated in our society by women themselves.


Aerdenhout, The Netherlands

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Powerful, empowering, balancing, inspirational experience

How to overcome initial objections: Concerned I would not keep up with younger members of the group.
Kaouthar put me at ease straight away with her honest, direct and inspirational approach.

Experience: I had never met Kaouthar before, her work is so powerful for all women to understand and practice.
I will definitely recommend her workshops to other women.
I think it is especially helpful for all victims of abuse.

Kate Lough

Newcastle, England

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Very inspiring!

Experience: The event is very inspiring! Lots of laughter and beautiful, emotional and close moments with so many woman together. Merci!

Marianne Folmer

Valburg, the Netherlands

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: It was marvelous to share this weekend with beautiful woman.

Experience: I attended also the bootcamp in the summer, so there was for me no objection. I was looking forward to come again. I am using the goddess-balls for three months and I can feel the effects already. I had some questions about the use of the balls, and experiences of other woman.

I wanted to have a better contact with the stress I am feeling, especially at my sixth chakra. For it is causing headaches, I wanted to have a bit of an idea how to use this chakra better, and not to be cramped anymore.
We had a lovely weekend. Kaouthar has a special very enthusiastic and energetic way to teach. For me it is like coming home, but in a larger way of feeling. I love her talking about her vision.

There was a lot of grounding work and she learned us a lot about the goddesses comparing with the chakra’s. The two days aren’t enough to learn all I wanted to learn from her, that is why I signed in for the teacher training starting soon.
I am really looking forward.

Lonneke Locht

teacher primary school, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: Empowering

How to overcome initial objections: Yes, I was a bit worrying about the price, because at the moment I am a student without any income.
I overcame by seeing that I enjoy it and that I would spend the money anyways on something else.
So I wanted to give it as a gift to myself.

Experience:I haven’t had any previous experience with Kaouthar before, I saw her TEDx talk on facebook shared from a friend from Croatia.
And then I realized that she is giving the workshops in the Netherlands, so I thought to myself- what a nice coincidence.
I like Kaouthar TEDx talk a lot. Her femininity, her strenght and braveness,

I was intrigued by what she has to offer, one one side she is this super smart woman talking about feminism or let’s say better about life, and on the other side she invites people / women to get back to their bodies. I resonate with that.

Beforehand I wanted to take out of the event to feel cherished by life.

Challenging thing was for me to accept that I feel frustrated and angry a lot. That I am tired and that that I fight demons even when there is no demons around.

It was an insight that I need tenderness, I need flow. It nourishes me. I want more of that in my life. It is ok to be brave as I am already, but it’s o.k to lower the shields from time to time and embrace softness.

I guess I took home some softness, openness, wisdom, vitality and vagina awareness.

I like the “bodyness” of the event, the contact that happened naturally, the safe space we had to open ourselves to eachother and to ourselves.

I didn’t know what to expect. I liked Kaouthar vibe, and I was happy that it was intense.
And that it was really engaging the body. I do see how continuous work with Kaouthar would empower women more and more.

The benefits to me: I came there really pissed off (which is kind of easy for me, because I am fierce but I sometimes I don’t know how to channel that fire of mine) and being with other women and with myself just left me open and fragile and made me stop fear other woman. Oh, yes that is another insight- I fear and have a lot of experiences being hurt by women / competition, clinginess, /. So in the workshop I became aware of that and on the guard I ‘ve learnt to hold.
And I let go. I embraced sisters, I embraced my own vulnerability.

Kaouthar is direct, passionate, and I appreciated that she showed her vulnerability as well.

Everything about the event was vauable to me. I like the experience.

I liked all the contact with other women, maybe even the best.

I would tell someone to go and see. Then judge.

I would certainly recommend Kaouthar’s work to other women.
I would be happy if Kaouthar would come to Croatia, I think women there would benefit a lot out of it.

Sabina Mikelic

Visual artist, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Event: Goddess Bootcamp

Tagline: The bootcamp was a helping, healing and challenging experience in connecting with my femininity that made the start of a new period in my life.

How to overcome initial objections: Costs and location were objections before I signed up. I did overcome these objections, because of the good references I read.

Experience: I had no previous experience with Kaouthar.

I choose this experience, because I wanted to explore my femininity.

Before the event, I hoped to connect with my body more and get more sight of myself through the archetypes.

It was challenging to belly dance and be in my body, to go to my pain en let it go and to connect physically with the other women.

An insight was that I long for sisterhood.

I take with me the openness of the other women, the loving way Kaouthar teached and the lesson that after every pain there is lightnes…so shimmy shimmy 😉

I liked the activeness of the event, the dancing, the safe environment, the inspirational teaching of Kaouthar, the underlying theory of the goddesses, the other women.

Daring to be feminine was what I was looking for. I found some answers, but am aware of the fact that this is just the start.

Finding my femininity will make me a happier human being.

Kaouthar’s teaching was very inspiring, intelligent en loving.

The whole journey was very valuable.

I liked the guided meditation on the beach with the golden light the most.

I’d tell other women to just go and give yourself the present of being feminine.
Just experience it, than you know!

Lizanne Lanser

entrepreneur, theologian, Hoornaar, the Netherlands

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