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With an extensive academic career as Assistant Professor in Gender & Media, and combining her academic passion with her Divine9Dance® and Women Empowerment, Kaouthar has given lectures and was key-note speaker at numerous events, corporate, public and otherwise, all over the world on various topics.

She also participated in talk-programs on TV. In 2014 she was part of TEDx Ede, talking and dancing about “Dare to be Feminine for gut’s sake!”.

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Popular topics

Kaouthar can speak on various topics. Popular themes are:

  • Gender equality, emancipation
  • Women Empowerment
  • FeMale Leadership
  • Diversity, inclusivity
  • Feminism, intersectionality
  • Feminine Capital, Erotic Capital
  • Sexuality, Body Image
  • Femininity & Masculinity
  • Violence against women
  • Sexualisation, Pornification
  • Islam, Media & the ‘Clash of Civilsations’

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TED Talks

2014 – Dare to Be Feminine For Guts Sake!

2019 – Thank God For Our Vagina!


Cultural – Empowerment


Since 2003, these organisations and 100s of SMEs have trusted me to inspire, empower and develop their people and female leaders.


I would love to meet you in person, so come and join me at one of my events! And if you cannot come to me, I will come to you in the comfort of you home: join my online education and let me help you to unleash that amazing women inside of you!

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The Art of Being Feminine is meant for women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening their femininity and enhancing their sensuality.

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Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!

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