Dance of Birth & Fertility Workshop

Celebrate the Sensual Mama in You

NB. Due to her busy schedule Kaouthar gives very rarely this kind of workshops. So don’t miss this opportunity!


In the ancient times, belly dance was called ‘Raqsat Al Wilada‘ (Dance of Birth) and ‘Raqsat Al Ilahat‘ (Dance of the Goddesses). Women were seen as goddesses also because they could carry life, like Mother Earth.

The dance was meant to enhance the fertility, pregnancy and delivery; strengthen the body and the pelvic floor muscles before and after the delivery; while connecting women with their sensuality during and their pregnancy. Another function is a social/spiritual one: celebrate Mother Earth and create solidarity and intimacy amongst women, a primal feminine power (oerkracht).

Women used belly dancing as a calling for spiritual and physical assistance during child birth. They called on the goddesses/gods while grounding themselves with their barefoot dance, sending their force into the earth through their hips. Tensing and relaxing their stomach and genital muscles, they imitated the vital movements of labour in a celebration of fertility and womanhood. The dance was one of control and continuous motion, a skilful rippling of the muscles of childbitrh. It trains women to be strong and ground, yet gentle. It’s this duality that is needed during birth.

Belly dancing was also essential after birth, to restore the inside and outside muscles around the belly area. It gives to the uterus, the stomach and most important to the genitals muscles their elasticity and strength back. It also trains the pelvis muscles to ‘prevent’  pelvis complications (incontinence, pain, infections…). Women belly dance through the whole pregnancy, and 3/4 weeks after delivery, they start dancing again.

Dance of Birth

Why Birth Dance?

Our pelvis is our base, our source of stability, grounding, pleasure, life force…  it’s our holy temple and the least we can do is to take care of it and cherish it! I personally danced until the last seconds of my pregnancy and during the delivery. And thanks to this ancient Birth belly dance ritual, my pregnancy has been one of the most empowering and energizing experiences in my life, where I could tap in my full primal power (oerkracht).

Content workshop Birth & Fertility Dance

These workshops can be attented by any woman, pregnant or not, who wants to ‘dive into her pelvis’ with pleasure and playfulness, to enjoy her beauty and sensuality. These are exclusive and intimate workshops to celebrate different ‘Rites de passage’ (o.a. pregnancy, pre and postnatale) in a relaxed, sensual and deep way.

It’s essential to train the pelvic floor muscles (bekkenbodem spieren) right after the delivery, postnatal, to regain the elasticity and strength, both essential for a healthy pelvis and an enjoyable sexual life.

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What will you learn?

  • connect with your pelvis energy to feel a sensual-sexy mum
  • use and tone your internal and external pelvis muscles
  • tone the sphincter muscles (support baby’s weight on the bladder)
  • help the baby to settle in the right position for the expulsion

Birth Belly dance and Pelvis Physiotherapy

These workshops started thanks to the great inspiration I got when I gave workshops and lectures to the KNGF (koninklijk genootschap voor fysiotherapie, Royal Association for Physiotherapists) about the contribution of belly dance to pelvis physiotherapy.

As preparation for this workshop, I was invited to walk around in private clinics and hospitals with enthusiastic pelvis physiotherapists (nvfb) and I could witness their dedication to support women in preventing and/or solving all kind of problems around pelvis area (sexuology, gynecolgy, gastro-enterology, urologie, peripartum care etc. )

It was absolutey amazing and inspiring to see that (authentic) belly dance and pelvis physitoherapy share the same goal: a healthy and strong pelvis is a base of well being and joy for all women.

Pregnancy Workshop
Pregnancy Workshop


  • To preserve the intimacy of this very special experience, workshops are kept very small.  Reservation is necessary svp!
  • If you suffer from pelvis complications, please consult first a physician or a pelvis physiotherapist
  • Workshops for pregnant and non-pregnant women, and any woman who wishes more knowledge about Birth Dance and being a sensual mama!


  • 1 workshop €68,-
  • If you bring an ‘introducée’ (a guest) you get 10% reduction on a workshop.

Reservation for the workshop

Use the form on this page to reserve your place.

After reservation you can book you place definitely by a bank transfer of €38: Rabo Bank – 1NL90RABO 0 1575 57669, t.n.v. Dr. K. Darmoni, o.v.v.’arabische cultuur’.

Please bring the rest to the workshop.

Please confirm the payment by email!

NB. If you send an email for a reservation and you do NOT receive a confirmation it means it’s OK to join in!  If it’s full you will get an answer. So…No news = Good news


Wide skirt, pants and scarf (with little bells) that can be worn on the hips, a tight top or T-shirt and ballet shoes.

PS: Please bring (for yourself) something to drink, and some fruit!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Missed classes / workshops can not be overtaken by another less / workshop.
  • Registration of a workshop beforehand done by deposit of half the amount to be paid + report this to Kaouthar.
  • In absence of a workshop after payment without notification 10 days in advance, no refund
  • A lesson card (such as “prices” listed on the website) is only extended in case of illness or force majeure on display at a recent medical certificate. No refunds.
  • The lessons always go through unless stated on the website, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • There will be no classes on some public holidays and school holidays. Check web site. During the summer holidays can take place workshops.
  • Kaouthar is not responsible for personal accidents, injuries and any resulting loss or theft of or damage to property of participants and / or students.
  • In all cases not covered by these terms and conditions decided Kaouthar.

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