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My Divine9 Academy is your online learning platform to unlock your Feminine Capital and learn how to use it. Use the techniques and movements you learn to empower yourself in your daily life. Say yes! I am proud to be a woman!

Many women today are not in touch with their feminine qualities. Their mind, body, and emotions are not aligned causing trouble and frustration in multiple areas of their life.

When I grew up I learned the ancient Arabic goddesses dance Raqsat Al Ilahat, from my female lineage in Tunisia. This dance is over 4000 years old and holds key components to tapping into our ancient female body wisdom. In combination with my background as an academic in Gender Studies, I created a curriculum that has helped and empowered thousands of women all around the world. My psychology and techniques have gotten global recognition.

And now this curriculum is also available online! Enroll in one of my courses and learn how to get rid of body-shame, manage and deal with contracting emotions (such as guilt, shame, grief, and anxiety), become more sensual, tap into your feminine body-wisdom and empower yourself through your body! And you don’t even have to leave the house to learn!
The Divine9 Dance Therapy® online classes are easy to follow as the technique is very clearly explained by Kaouthar. I appreciate very much that I can practise at a moment that suits me the best, and I make these moments my precious time for myself. I use the technique from the D9D training to strengthen my self-confidence at work. Kaouthar’s guidance in the training also gave me a power to start new activities that I had in my mind for a long time, but felt insecure to explore that space. And last but not least, the training helps me to be a better mother. Thanks to the D9D techniques I can handle intense situations that life with two little children can bring in a calm and elegant way from which the whole family benefits.
Pavla Kudelova

pharmacist, the Netherlands

Divine9Dance with Kaouthar showed me a part of myself I hadn’t discovered yet. A whole level that could not have been discovered only with the quality of the analytic brain. In this Western society we are used to put our emotions away and keep on going. Through dancing the Divine9Dance you give yourself and your body the space to feel again. And Kaouthar gave me the tools to manage the emotions, not drown, but keep on moving and keep it light!
Maria Schippers

team leader childcare, and mother of three children, Netherlands

My Divine9 Academy consists of two courses. The main course Divine9 Dance Therapy®: The Art of Being Feminine is an extensive course with all the information and tools you will need to unlock your Feminine Capital. The course consists of over 50 lectures containing theory classes, easy to follow dance classes, assignments, and music to get you started.

My second course is The Divine9 Dance Therapy®: An Introduction is an excellent way to get familiar with my work, philosophy, dance, and techniques. It is an amazing foundation and stepping stone to the Divine9 Dance Therapy®: The Art of Being Feminine. It consists of short theory classes, a feminine guidebook, nine easy to follow dance classes, guided meditations, and case studies.

Learn in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter! As the online platform is accessible from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection!


An Introduction

The Divine9 Dance Therapy®: An Introduction is your first steppingstone to unleashing your feminine power and inner strength. This course is an excellent way to become familiar with my work, philosophy, dance and techniques.

The Divine9 Dance Therapy®: An Introduction is the doorway to the empowering world of the Art of Being Feminine. And sets the foundation for the full Online Education program where you will learn to free the wild and sensual woman in you.


The Art of Being Feminine

The Divine9 Dance Therapy®: The Art of Being Feminine is an in-depth and extensive course where you will learn how to unlock and empower yourself with your feminine qualities. From how to get rid of contracting emotions to how to empower yourself through the body.

The course consists of three main sections. In these sections you will learn the theory to each part, the movements and their benefits. Empower the way you think, feel, and carry yourself as a woman through ancient dance practices!


Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!

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