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Kaouthar’s Online Academy “Divine9 Dance Therapy®” is meant for women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening their femininity and enhancing their sensuality.
It is easy and fun to do and gives you a great physical and emotional ‘Road Map’ to help you on your feminine journey.

In this online education Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni explores with you, in detail, the Divine9Dance Therapy® techniques with an innumerable repertory of ancient dance movements connected to the emotions they correspond to. This method helps you awaken the life force in your womb and body and heal the ‘basic wounds’ such as shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger… To move towards pleasure, vitality, sensuality, joy and self-love.
The Divine9Dance Therapy® online education is easy and fun to do and gives you a great physical and emotional ‘Road Map’ to help you on your feminine journey. That you can Rise & Shine, and say proudly and loudly: Yes, I am a Woman!
Designed for Women who want to invest in self-care and play their own practice with a solid and practical concept from A to Z. Women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening their femininity and enhancing their sensuality.
The Divine9 Dance Therapy® online classes are easy to follow as the technique is very clearly explained by Kaouthar. I appreciate very much that I can practise at a moment that suits me the best, and I make these moments my precious time for myself. I use the technique from the D9D training to strengthen my self-confidence at work. Kaouthar’s guidance in the training also gave me a power to start new activities that I had in my mind for a long time, but felt insecure to explore that space. And last but not least, the training helps me to be a better mother. Thanks to the D9D techniques I can handle intense situations that life with two little children can bring in a calm and elegant way from which the whole family benefits.
Pavla Kudelova

pharmacist, the Netherlands

Take a minute and imagine:
Imagine how good it is going to feel to know that you are finally using your feminine gifts, your feminine-gold, to make a difference in the world that you were born to make.

Imagine attracting people, opportunities that genuinely value that amazing and unique woman in you.

Imagine feeling in control of your femininity and your feminine future.

Imagine how strong you’re going to feel with a concrete feminine roadmap, for you as a woman, and that is 100% aligned with your feminine strengths and your values.

What will you learn?

In our program you are going to learn how to unleash your feminine power, how to unleash that Wild and Sensual Woman in You, how to prioritize your feminine happiness.

You also going to learn how to do it in your unique authentic way and really not be lost in the complex and often confusing world of women empowerment, femininity, sexuality, and body positivity.

You’re going to learn how to create an achievable plan to reach self-confidence as a woman, have a healthy and loving body image, to feel safe in your sensuality and sexuality, to stop pleasing and have healthy boundaries, to be true to yourself, to trust your intuition, to raise your self-esteem, to be(come) proud of the woman you are …

Divine9Dance with Kaouthar showed me a part of myself I hadn’t discovered yet. A whole level that could not have been discovered only with the quality of the analytic brain. In this Western society we are used to put our emotions away and keep on going. Through dancing the Divine9Dance you give yourself and your body the space to feel again. And Kaouthar gave me the tools to manage the emotions, not drown, but keep on moving and keep it light!
Maria Schippers

team leader childcare, and mother of three children, Netherlands

The program is a 100% online so you don’t have to travel, to leave your family, and you can learn at your own pace.
The Divine9 Dance Therapy® is a tested and proven program. We’ve been running this successfully or more than 25 years and we have thousands of women across the world, from many different countries. Many people looked at us as outstanding game-changers in the international scene of women’s empowerment and emancipation.

You are in charge of your feminine destiny and you have what it takes to unleash your feminine power. Start Today!


The Art of Being Feminine

With The Art of Being Feminine – Divine Experience (Free the Wild & Sensual Woman in You) you will be gifted with your own Personal Feminine Identity. You have a total Makeover that helps you to look and feel amazing, from inside & outside! The profound change you will experience from these combined practices are unlike any other form of women empowerment courses out there.
In Free the Wild Woman in You, you practice Fire Dances for a physical, emotional & mental cleansing of your body. You heal old sabotaging emotions stuck in your body cells, such as pain, fear, sorrow, guilt, shame and you move towards vitality, joy, pleasure and fun.
In Free the Sensual Woman in You, you practice Water Dances to experience beauty, grace, charisma, elegance and attractiveness.

Unleash Your Femininity now!


Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!

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