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The Divine9Dance® Therapy Art of Being Feminine is meant for women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening their femininity and enhancing their sensuality.
It is easy and fun to do and gives you a great physical and emotional ‘Road Map’ to help you on your feminine journey.

Kaouthar has created this Online Academy on the Art of Being Feminine, so you can practice Kaouthar’s methods and dance with her wherever you are in the world! Whether you are a total beginner or you have been practicing self-development and women empowerment for decades…

Read below about the paths you can follow.


Introduction Course [COMING SOON]

To learn about Kaouthar’s work and methods, Kaouthar created this Divine9Dance® Therapy Introduction Course. This is an excellent way to get familiar with Kaouthar, her techniques, philosophy, and dances.
The Introduction Course is an entry into the wonderful world of the Art Of Being Feminine, and prepares you for the full Online Education program, Free the Wild Woman in You and Free the Sensual Woman in You.
Divine9Dance® Therapy – An Introduction will come very soon!
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Online Trainings

Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Training

The Art of Being Feminine – Level 1: Free the Wild Woman in You

In Free the Wild Woman in You, you practice Fire Dances for a physical, emotional & mental cleansing of your body. You heal old sabotaging emotions stuck in your body cells, such as pain, fear, sorrow, guilt, shame and you move towards vitality, joy, pleasure and fun.

Unleash Your Femininity

Kaouthar Darmoni - The Art of Being Feminine Online Training

The Art of Being Feminine – Level 2: Free the Sensual Woman in You

In Free the Sensual Woman in You, you practice Water Dances to experience beauty, grace, charisma, elegance and attractiveness.

I Want to Invest in Myself


The Art of Being Feminine – Divine Experience (Level 1 + 2)

With the Divine Experience (Wild & Sensual) you will be gifted with your own Personal Feminine Identity. You have a total Makeover that helps you to look and feel amazing, from inside & outside! The profound change you will experience from these combined practices are unlike any other form of women empowerment courses out there.

Say YES I am a Woman

Divine9Dance with Kaouthar showed me a part of myself I hadn’t discovered yet. A whole level that could not have been discovered only with the quality of the analytic brain. In this Western society we are used to put our emotions away and keep on going. Through dancing the Divine9Dance you give yourself and your body the space to feel again. And Kaouthar gave me the tools to manage the emotions, not drown, but keep on moving and keep it light!

Maria Schippers

team leader childcare, and mother of three children, Netherlands


Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!

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