Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls®

Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual

To enhance your Divine9Dance® Experience, use Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls.

Dancing with the Divine9 Balls will increase the strength and sensitivity in your pelvis area and will connect you deeper with your inner self, your womb, where your intuition lies.

Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls are designed in a shape of a lamniscate, an horizontal 8, symbole of infinity, with no beginning and no end. The Divine9 Balls enhance and increase the infinite creative flow released in the womb.

Kaouthar developed her CocoCabasa Method® thanks to the great inspiration she got when she gave workshops and lectures to pelvis physiotherapists at KNGF (Koninklijk Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie, Royal Association for Physiotherapists).

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Kaouthar had the privilege to walk around in private clinics and hospitals with enthousiastic pelvis physiotherapists (nvfb www.nvfb.nl) and she could witness how her CocoCabasa Method®  also supports women in preventing and solving all kind of issues around pelvis area (sexuology, gynecolgy, gastro-enterology, urologie, peripartum care, etc. ).

A healthy and strong pelvis is a base of well being and joy for all women. Kaouthar’s Method® increases body awareness, self-confidence and pleasure.

NB. Kaouthar’s Divine9 Balls are recommended by gynecologists, doctors, midwives and partners. Reserve your Balls in advance. Limited stock!

From now on you can say you are, truly, a girl with balls (haha!)

You can order your set of Divine9 Balls online. Each set is delivered with a extensive how-to-use manual.

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