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Goddess Teacher Training Amsterdam: the Awakening, Awaken the Great Woman in You!

"I am a Feminine Capital polisher who loves teaching women to glow their feminine treasure with the Goddess Dance; to trade it for the highest good in education, relationships, economy, workforce, society and environment." Kaouthar

The next Goddess Teacher Training Amsterdam will start November 2017- July 2018.

A woman needs to learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, to the body.”

Why do we value rationality above intuition? Why do we trust the mind and mistrust the body? Why do we emphasize masculine qualities and neglect the feminine ones? Why is the female sexuality confined to sexual practice and entertainment?

Why are women not living and leading also from the womb?

The aim of this goddess training is to take you on a intense and fascinating journey where you dance both your light and your shadow; to give birth to that amazing, feminine, sensual, playful and successful Goddess in You! You dive into your belly, into your womb, to meet, empower and heal the woman-goddesses in you. In every woman DNA there is Great Goddess, and she wants to come out! Now. Will you listen to her?

This training will form capable skilled teachers to teach and spread my method.

The next level Kaouthar’s Goddess Teacher Training 2 – The Mastering is meant for anyone who followed Goddess Teacher Training 1 – the Awakening and who wishes to get a more profound and unique knowledge about this wonderful dance. During this training you dive deeper with your goddesses archetypes while mastering the essential knowledge of the different belly dance technique.
Please contact for further information.

Video introduction to the Goddess Teacher Training


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Goddess Teacher Training with Kaouthar: Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual!

Welcome to Kaouthar’s realm of the senses. Immerse yourself into her magical feminine and sensual world. In this Goddess Teacher Training, Kaouthar initiates you into the tradition of the hammam ritual as performed by her oriental ancestresses. Immerse into Kaouthar’s 1001 nights world and enjoy her traditional cleansing and relaxation rituals.

hammamYou enjoy an extensive range of hammam services to reinforce the cleansing effect and nourish your skin and hair with valuable minerals. A veritable fountain of rejuvenation. A true balsam for your body, mind and soul.

Kaouthar’s hammam experience is also a true nourishment for your heart: you literally bathe in the warmth and intimacy of other women-goddesses, sharing these magical moments together, full of laughter and joy. A wonderful sisterhood experience.

And last but not least: nourishment for your stomach! You savour a delicious oriental meal made of exquisite vegetarian dishes… And the ‘cherry on the cake’ is the Hammam Goddess Dance after dinner: like an oriental saying ‘the best digestion of a good meal is through dancing!” You will feel like a… goddess in paradise!


CocoCabasa: Dive into your womb, the House of your Intuition.

Would you like to live more intuitively? To learn the secret language of the Womb?

A powerful and effective way to connect to the belly-intuition is via Kaouthar’s CocoCabasa Method® where you deeply dive into your womb by dancing with the pelvic floor-muscles (with Goddess Balls, see below). The CocoCabassa is a great tool to activate your sexual life force and transform it into an infinite source of pleasure and creativity.

You feel alive, vibrant, relaxed, creative.

The best decision in my life!
What I especially like with this formula of one week-end every month, each time focused on a different archetype of Goddess, is that we really can go deeply, and then we have a month in between to experience the changes in our life, and continue to slowly integrating what we have done.
This work helps me also a lot to anchor in my body and my feelings, in a way I had never experienced before.
Kaouthar really gives us a toolbox to experience life better and better every day, and I discover each time how much she gives us and the deepness of the work we do with her. My life has already changed a lot since I started this training, I enjoy every part of this change and look forward to see and discover myself in the following months !

To all the goddesses who hesitate : just do it ! Dive in, you will be warmly welcomed and guided, with great love and care, on (I think) the most important path of your life =) !

Chloé Béguin

Geneva, Switzerland

aphrodite-ishtarIshtar – Aphrodite, the Art of Connection Spirit-Heart-Womb

Do you love your body? Do you find yourself attractive?
Do you enjoy your sensuality / sexuality?
Do you use your erotique as a creative force?
Do you feel comfortable to show and play with your sensuality?
Or do you ‘worry’ about what the others would think of you?

The Alchemical Goddess Ishtar – Aphrodite is THE patroness / protectress of the Goddess dance. Through sensual and watery ‘Temple Dances’ you learn the Ishtar-Aphrodite Goddess Essence: the sacred art of connecting mind-heart-womb.

You feel attractive, passionate, sensual, in touch with that juicy and creative woman in you.

Dress code: attractive, sexy.

artemis-500Artemis, the Compassionate Warrior and Supportive Sister

Can you stand up for yourself and fight like a fierce warrior? Can you be, at the same time, strong and vulnerable? Can you develop loving and supportive connections with other women?

Here you explore and dance the Warrior Goddess, known for her focus, courage and fearlessness. You dance and connect with that primal power in your womb, where life begins; but also the same primal power to help you fight and protect that same life if threatened. Fight like a fearless goddess.

And when not hunting, this dynamic goddess rests and relaxes surrounded by the warmth of her sisters. Through fun tribal dances you will explore the intimacy and solidarity amongst women.

You will feel strong, fierceful, fearless, supported, nurtured.

Dress code: Warrior Queen, Tribal Queen.

persephonePersephone – The Child, Goddess of the Underworld

“The word dark has been used to scare her away from the fullness of her essence for a long time. She was programmed into a belief that only light is pure, and the dark is evil. She was allowed to live and experience only the ‘good’ girl. Her dark is nothing but her denied feminine. It not evil It is sacred.”

Do you suffer from anger, guilt and/or shame?
Do you like to please, seeking for recognition and acceptance?
Do you allow the naughtily little girl inside to play and experiment?

With the goddess Persephone we perform ‘Trance Dance Rituals’ to cleanse and heal our system from repressed anger, shame and guilt. We practice ‘Intuitive Dances’ to feel the ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’ intuitively (and not rationally). We also enjoy ‘Playful Dances’ to connect with the shameless free child.

You will feel reborn, healed, empowered, vulnerable, playful; radiating joy, optimism and lightness.

Dress code: your favorite little girl outfit.

demeter-500Al Um – Demeter, the Maternal Goddess of Fertility and Regeneration

How to get out easily from the feelings of powerlessness, sorrow and depression?
How to move, via the dance, from the feeling of darkness towards that of light?

With this Mother goddess we will dance sorrow and pain, joy and the pleasure. With earthy dances we celebrate the natural cycles of life and death. With sensual and fluent dances we experience emotional warmth, a flow of maternal love creating a magical bond between you and your inner child, as well as between you and other women.

You will feel grounded, nurtured, nourished, caring, generous, resourceful…

Dress code: Fluent dress/skirt with earthy colours.

hestiaHestia, the Dances of Ecstasy to connect with your Divine Self

Can you easily reach inner centeredness and inner wisdom?
Can you face the challenge of solitude and enjoy being alone?
Can you transform aloneness into a meditative experience?

Through Sufi dances (12th century), also called the ‘Dances of Ecstasy’, we go on a sensory inner journey into the mesmerizing world of spirit. These spiritual dances connect you with your inner light and lightness.

You will feel inner-centered, ecstatic, meditative, connected to the divine.

Dress code: a long wide dress or skirt, white colours.


Athena – Shahrazade, The Erotic Brain

Want to create a flow between your brain and your body-womb?
Would like to be assertive without being aggressive?
Enhance your masculine qualities without loosing your feminine essence?

The most efficient erotic weapon of Shahrazade in 1001 Night was neither her beauty nor her sexual skills or belly dance skills but her… erotic brain. She was like a wise enchantress focused on reaching her targets by using her brain in an intellectual, strategic, playful and sensual way.

We perform ‘Ethnic Arab Dances’ that bend the feminine with the masculine touch, the softness with the vigor, the intellectual with the sensual…

You will feel self-confident, assertive, flexible in body and mind…

Dress code: androgyny, masculine/feminine


Hera, Goddess of the Sacred Union

Would you like to experience the highest form of ‘Sacred Marriage’?
Would you like to get rid of jealousy, anger and manipulation? Of a nagging behaviour and addiction to perfection?
Would you like to enjoy the full impact of your natural authority and possess executive leadership ability?
Do you want to connect with your feminine archetype of wife and matriarch of the family?

Thanks to ‘Sacred Mating Dances’ we activate the Goddess Hera who represents the highest form of ‘Sacred Marriage–of Queen and King– concerned with partnership. She embodies the instinct to become mated and represents the uniting of feminine and masculine energies regenerating the cosmos with lovemaking.
Hera’s gift is her capacity to unite and commit to a successful man as her partner–one who will share his love and success with her; a god who will mirror her own inner goddess.

You feel like: the goddess of a god, uniting your masculine & feminine, a natural authority,

Dress code: Sacred Union outfit

The Goddess Theater

The Goddesses Theater: United We Dance, United We Glow!

Congratulations: at the end of this beautiful and intense journey, you gave birth to your new-you! You are home, ankered in your Goddesses! Time for celebration! Dressed in our favorite outfits, we play and perform together our Goddesses Theater.
Pleasure, sensuality, humor et passion are the key words. You grow and reach the full circle of your feminine qualities: dance and let arise and shine ALL the Goddesses in you!

United we dance, United we glow!

You will feel… Shining and Glowing like a Golden Goddess!

Dress code: your favorite Goddess costume.

Dates for the Goddess Teacher Training 1 Amsterdam November 2016 – July 2017:
19-20/11, 9-10-11/12, 28-29/1, 18-19/2, 11-12/3, 1-2/4, 27-28/5, 10-11/6, 8-9/7

For more information about and prices of the Goddess Teacher Training 1, please fill in the form below

By also providing your Skype address and/or mobile number, Kaouthar can contact you herself to talk about your participation in this wonderful training.

Prosperity Investment
Self-investment = self-care = self-love

  • In case desired the student can pay in few terms.
  • The Hammam ritual is not included in the training price.
  • Rabo Bank – rek.nr., NL90RABO 0 1575 57669, BIC RABONL2U, t.n.v. K.Darmoni, o.v.v. ’arabische cultuur’

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