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Kaouthar’s Goddess Teacher Training for Professionals

In every woman’s DNA there hides a Goddess.
Would you have the courage to listen to her? Especially designed for women who look for a solid, practical concept from A to Z. Coaches, trainers, therapists and women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels.

You learn:

  • Kaouthar’s special dance movements from Arabian folklore
  • The Coco Cabassa Dance® (based on pelvis physiotherapy)
  • The Goddesses Archetypes Dance to transform your ‘shadows’ into ‘lights’
  • Emotional Releasing & Healing
  • Music and assignments
  • Choreography & improvisation
  • How to do personal group coaching online

You get:

  • The syllabus with all training information
  • Your certification as a trainer of Kaouthar’s Method®

These intensive trainings are given in Amsterdam (not accommodation) and Tunisia (all inclusive). The next is in February 2018 in Amsterdam.


“I am a Feminine Capital polisher who loves teaching women to glow their feminine treasure with the Goddess Dance; to trade it for the highest good in education, relationships, economy, workforce, society and environment.”

A woman needs to learn to lead from the womb.
To move our attention from the head to the belly, to the body.”

Why do we value rationality above intuition? Why do we trust the mind and mistrust the body? Why do we emphasize masculine qualities and neglect the feminine ones? Why is the female sexuality confined to sexual practice and entertainment?

Why are women not living and leading also from the womb?

The aim of this goddess training is to take you on a intense and fascinating journey where you dance both your light and your shadow; to give birth to that amazing, feminine, sensual, playful and successful Goddess in You! You dive into your belly, into your womb, to meet, empower and heal the woman-goddesses in you. In every woman DNA there is Great Goddess, and she wants to come out! Now. Will you listen to her?

Video introduction to the Goddess Teacher Training

Kaouthar’s Goddess Teacher Training is a unique training especially designed for women who wish an exciting training and a solid and practical concept from A to Z.
This Training is meant for professionals (coaches, trainers, therapists…), for women working with women; as well as any woman who desires to awaken her femininity, enhance her sensuality and step into her feminine power.

The training is composed of 3 levels, it certifies and fully qualifies you to teach Kaouthar’s Method ®.

It covers:

1. Goddess 1 (Beginners): The Awakening (3 Modules)

Here you dance the foundation of Kaouthar’s Method ® composed of her:

  • A multitude of Kaouthar’s powerful and fun dance movements
  • CocoCabassa Dance ®: a ‘Vulva Dance’ that accompanies Kaouthar’s dance movements
  • Emotional Vibrations Dance: combine the dance movements and CocoCabassa with the high/low emotional frequencies.

In level 1 you learn:

  • The technical and emotional foundation of Kaouthar’s Method ®
  • How to build up simple and fun dances
  • How to express yourself and your emotions in creative dances

2. Goddess 2 (Intermediate): The Mastering (3 Modules)

Here you dance to master the:

  • Kaouthar’s dance movements
  • CocoCabassa Dance ®
  • Emotional Vibrations dance
  • Goddesses Archetypes Dance: based on the psychology of Carl Jung. The Archetypes are the ‘original models’ after which we are patterned as humans/women. In Kaouthar’ Method ®, we dance the goddesses archetypes related to our feminine identity; to enhance our ‘Lights’ and dissolve our ‘shadows’.

In level 2 you learn how to undertake a process where you will

  • Breakthrough your limits, transform your ‘shadows’ into ‘lights’
  • Let go of what is stopping you
  • Learn to trust yourself

so that you grow to the woman you want and can be.

3. Goddesses 3 (Advanced): The Avatar, The Divine Teacher

This is designed only for the goddesses who wish to teach Kaouthar’s Method®. Here Kaouthar will pass on to you her gift and secrets to be a ‘Divine Teacher’ for women. You will be trained to:

  • Teach, safely and professionally, Kaouthar’s Method ® to other women
  • Help women go through the same journey you went through and even further
  • Guide women along the path to their own dreams
  • How to inspire women and give them the confidence to be all they can be
  • How to give women the skills to express all of who they are and share their light with the world.

The Intensive Trainings are given in Amsterdam-Netherlands and Tunisia. In Tunisia the training is All Inclusive (hotel, food, service, transfer, spa); in Amsterdam only the training, but we can help you to find accommodation.

NB. Next training starts in February 2018!! Interested? Be fast! Full is Full!

Save the dates in 2018!

Goddess 1 the Awakening
February-June 2018, Amsterdam (5 modules of 3 days)

16-17-18 February
23-24-25 March
20-21-22 April
11-12-13 May
22-23-24 June

Goddess 1 the Awakening, Intensive Training
Summer 2018 Amsterdam (dates soon available)

Goddess 1 the Awakening, Intensive Training (10 days)
19-28 October 2018, Tunisia

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