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International Goddess Retreats

Kaouthar's Goddess Retreats go international this year!

Goddess Retreats with Kaouthar: Sublimely Feminine, Delightfully Sensual

2017 International Goddess Retreats with Kaouthar.
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On this page you’ll find general information on the Goddess Retreats.

In this retreat you can dance/explore new skills about being feminine, sensual and playful, find inner and outer balance as a woman, nourish your body and enjoy, relax and have fun with other amazing women! That is all we do and we do it exceptionally well! This retreat provides you with the perfect balance between relaxation and action; health and indulgence, to experience and embrace the beautiful landscape that have cast its spell over us.

From the moment our goddesses step into our retreat, they are taken care of, so all they have to do is show up and enjoy. Every detail of the retreat is carefully and lovingly planned so that our goddesses experience a remarkable holiday filled with memories they will cherish long after they return home. After this magical journey you will go home nourished, feeling amazingly feminine, sensual and playful!


Every woman is a goddess and has a goddess within her. Born to celebrate Mother Earth and the Power of Women (5000 years ago), Goddess Belly Dance with Kaouthar will enhance your femininity, sensuality and body awareness. In every woman DNA there is Great Goddess, and she wants to come out! Now. Will you listen to her?

If you choose to listen, then welcome to Kaouthar’s realm of the senses. Immerse yourself into her magical feminine world. In her retreats, Kaouthar initiates you into the tradition of this ancient dance. Dive into her 1001 nights world and enjoy empowering and healing feminine rituals. A veritable fountain of rejuvenation.

Beautiful, insightful, pleasurable!
Kaouthar’s teaching and methods are fun, challenging, sensual, powerful and caring.

We can use our erotic and sexual energy to enjoy the nature, our bodies, the food, it is independent from a relationship and independent from sex. This gave me so much freedom, lifted a big weight. I no longer needed a relationship to feel pleasure, and I could nourish myself from so many things.
I would recommend to any woman to join Kaouthar’s work, I believe we all have a lot to learn from it

Susane Ferre

Barcelona, Spain


Discover through Kaouthar’s CocoCabassa Method® how to dive into your womb by dancing with the pelvic floor-muscles, how to connect with your life force and transform it into an infinite source of pleasure and creativity. Learn how to love and enjoy your body, how to dance to increase your charisma and power of attraction and be in touch with that juicy and playful woman in you.

Dance the Warrior of Compassion Goddess, known for her focus, courage and assertiveness. Dance your strength and vulnerability. Experience through fun tribal dances the ‘Magical Bond’ of intimacy and solidarity amongst women-goddesses, sharing a wonderful sisterhood experience.

Develop an ‘erotic brain’ by dancing the flow between your brain and your womb. Explore ‘Intuitive Dances’ to feel the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ intuitively (not rationally). Practice the mystical ‘Dances of Ecstasy’ and go on a sensory inner journey into the mesmerizing world of spirit.

Kaouthar will take you on a fantastic Goddesses journey to supply you with vibrant and concrete dancing experiences that can be used effectively to produce great self-understanding, self-appreciation and joy.
You learn through her dances to trust and enjoy your body. You will reach the full circle of your feminine qualities and grow to a juicy, authentic and amazing woman. Dance, arise and glow the Great Goddess in you!

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