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The Power of Erotic Capital
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An Erotic Capital triology

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Bootcamps The Power of Erotic Capital:
How to increase your Charisma, Attractiveness & Income


The long awaited Bootcamps on Erotic Capital are finally here

In three weekends I let you completely repossess your erotic capital. Making you more youthful, beautiful, charismatic and playful and able to use your erotic capital smarter and wiser for the rest of your life. Read below how.

Three weekends. Three levels. Three themes.

Saturday & Sunday 25 (11:00-18:00) and 26 November (10:00-17:00)
Theme: Transforming the Erotic Pain into an Erotic Gain

Saturday & Sunday 16 (11:00-18:00) and 17 December (10:00-17:00)
Theme: Using the Erotic Gain as a True Erotic Warrior

Saturday & Sunday 13 (11:00-18:00) and 14 January (10:00-17:00)
Theme: Erotic Warriors have more Fun

In Kaouthar’s Studio-Temple, Tussen de Bogen 46, 1013 JB Amsterdam (on the North-Waterside, view Prinseneiland).

If you attend two levels/bootcamps you get 10% discount, three 20%, and when you bring a sister you will get a set of Kaouthar’s Goddess Balls as a gift from Kaouthar personally at the bootcamp.

Do come! Alone, as this is deep and private stuff. Or with good friends, and then we just build the most interesting group of potential power women.

Reason Why bootcamps on erotic capital

The subject I fought so many years for is finally gaining momentum: both your and my – and his and her – erotic capital.

It took me years to convince my colleagues at the university to get it under study. Fortunately it also got a swing at Oxford University in the UK, which helped.

This fight showed me how uncomfortable people – and especially women – are with erotic capital. Back then, but also today. It’s easily misunderstood for something sexual, while also understanding the advantages of using it all too often is a no-go area.

It’s never too late though!

But let me first explain exactly what erotic capital is and why it’s so valuable.

Erotic Capital. The 4th asset that shapes your total worth.

The bootcamps follow up on what in sociological studies is called ‘The 4th asset that shapes your capital‘. Next to your economical capital (salary, bank account, properties), cultural capital (education, diplomas, trainings) and your social capital (networks, people you know) your erotic capital is what completes you. And better learning how to manage it brings major advantages for wherever you move – the labour market, politics, arts, sports, media and in all social interaction.

We observe too: ‘Women do not have a monopoly of erotic power. However, they have more erotic capital than men, and this gives them a significant potential advantage in negotiations with men.’

I agree completely with these words of my Oxford-colleague prof. Catherine Hakim. And women would even have much more of it than men, if only they would work harder on it.

However, so many women are unaware of this because men have taken steps to prevent women from exploiting their unique advantage, and – even worse – persuade women that erotic capital is worthless.

Indeed, we women might have lived too prudent for too long to realize that all these aspects of our ancient feminine wisdom have been overruled by the slow construction of more and more ‘moral’ ideologies – also by too many radical feminist theories. Ideologies that inhibit us from exploiting our erotic capital to achieve economic and social benefits.

Erotic Capital. He has it. She has it. Will you have it?

I love to be a dissident And I would love to show you all the ways to develop your erotic capital.

While we all admit we are fed up with and unhappy witnessing how our erotic nature is negatively overexposed in the mainstream media, dominated by the culture of sexualization and pornification of the female body. And while we realize that in order to correct this total disbalance we women need to go out there and show them a whole different film of life.

Moreover, changes will only happen when we take the qualities of femininity into all walks of life. Women who will only follow the old ways as men have, paved by men, will not change anything for the better.

Realize yourself this too, the status quo of widespread beliefs:
Women that show their beauty or sexuality are involved in sex labour, so ‘prostitutes or sex workers’, are ‘stupid or dumb’, of ‘low status’, ‘lacking social intellect’, ‘shameful’, ‘gold diggers’…etc.


In my opinion the future is to women who have both sides covered, who walk on two legs: with the brains, education, work experience and career (human capital) AND scoring on at least three of beauty, elegance, grace, charm, charisma and sensuality (indeed, erotic capital).

Few are born with it. Many acquire it.

Erotic capital is in many ways similar to what elsewhere is called human capital: it requires a basic level of talent and abilities, things to be learned, trained and developed.

During the three weekend bootcamps I will go to great lengths to teach you that erotic capital is a skill to acquire and to further develop, just like aspects of intelligence. By combining your six elements of physical and social attractiveness as well as by emotional management I let you rediscover and master • your natural beauty • your sex appeal • your social skills • your liveliness (the fire in your body) • your social presentation and • your sexuality and sensuality.

Why is this so worthwhile? An example: People who use their erotic capital at work find more satisfaction, better career opportunities and… earn up to an average of 13% more than others (as Oxford Professor Catherine Hakim already showed us in 2010). To compare: also male lawyers are 20% more likely to get an early promotion in their firm when they use their male erotic capital. You see? It works both ways.

Note well, I stress it again, this has nothing to do with working in the sex industry! Or sexing your way up the promotion ladder! It’s just about how both men and women who are better connected with their forgotten asset are perceived as stronger and better performing.


Summarizing, the elements of erotic capital that every female should rehearse and master

  1. Belle Laide
    First impression, facial attractiveness, work on your beauty, you as a work of art
  2. Sex appeal
    Sexual attractiveness, body attractiveness
  3. Social skills
    Flirtation, charisma, grace, charm, interaction, ability to make people feel happy around you
  4. Liveliness
    Physical fitness, social energy, good humour, dancing skills, sporting
  5. Social Presentation
    Dress style, make up, perfume, les accessoires as status expression
  6. Sexuality (for private use or adult industry use only)
    Sexual competence, what makes you a good sexual partner, sex appeal and sexuality as valuable assets
  7. Fertility (in private life, for motherhood status)
    The arousal of the biological creature by getting straight all the above

Join us now and learn the Power of Erotic Capital!

Normal price for a single Bootcamp: €325
Book 2 bootamps and get 10% reduction
Book 3 bootamps and get 20% reduction
10% extra Early Bird reduction when you book before […date…]
* Bring a sister and get a gift from Kaouthar personally (a set of Kaouthar’s Goddess Balls, value €75) *


What Women Say about it…

Live Podcast Erotic Capital at Work: What Women say about Sexual Harassment #metoo

“Men are as much as women victims of the same erotically fucked up system”

A Live Podcast by Kaouthar about Erotic Capital #metoo

A Live Podcast by Kaouthar about Erotic Capital #metoo

by Kaouthar Darmoni

The bootcamp was a helping, healing and challenging experience in connecting with my femininity that made the start of a new period in my life.
Finding my femininity will make me a happier human being.
Kaouthar’s teaching was very inspiring, intelligent en loving.
I’d tell other women to just go and give yourself the present of being feminine.
Just experience it, than you know!

Lizanne Lanser

Hoornaar, the Netherlands

I chose this event to express my femininity and let go of physical blocks in moving like we are supposed to do so.
I liked that Kaouthar is free and IS in what she does… It is a true living story, not a learned Head thing.
Valuable for me was feeling free in the body like a women supposed to feel.

I’d tell other women to join!


Dalen, Holland

Goddess Bootcamps and Workshops

The two-day bootcamps or one-day workshops take the view that women do not need to play up classic male characteristics that are closely linked to the standard image of leadership to get ahead in their career.

It is the common opinion that, as a woman, you need to subtly play up a mix of leadership traits typically viewed as ‘male and female’ to chart your own path to success. This would allow you ‘to stay true to yourself while stretching you in areas where you wouldn’t necessarily feel spontaneously comfortable’.

I would rather shout ‘Let’s take this one step further!’ I rather catapult you straight into the middle of the triangle Sensual- Strong-Vulnerable!

Right there you will feel the most sensual you, the most playful, identifying, creative and smart. And from there you will be able to rule what you want to rule – and inspire others.

Local bootcamps and workshops can be planned anywhere in the world. Send me your request!

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