If you set people in motion they’ll heal themselves.

Designed for women who want to invest in self-care and plan for an additional value proposition for their own practice and who look for a solid and practical concept from A to Z.

Meant for professionals (coaches, trainers, therapists), women working with women and for women in leadership positions; women who want to step into the highest feminine power levels by awakening femininity and enhancing sensuality.

They are invited to share the deeper wisdoms of the Divine9-method® as philosophy, perspective, dance practice and coaching trajectory: by showing other women how to transform mastery into magic and thus by becoming an ambassador for feminine capital, women empowerment and female leadership.

Light a fire, don’t fill a bucket

Somewhere in our own life spiral, some of us reach a point where we are called to give back to the world. Our individual spiral of growth has reached the level that we may lead others to the thresholds of their minds. (Which is a different thing than bidding others to enter our house of wisdom…)

Some of you already have the gift of music and dance. Some possess the gift of silver speech. Some have the gift of leadership. And some have the ways of life to teach, together with insights on the working of the heart and the mind. It doesn’t really matter what your own professional angle is as long as it is complemented by the valuable drawings from your personal experience.

Once a teacher of Kaouthar’s Divine9-method® you too affect eternity; never able to tell where the influence of the Goddesses, arisen from each pupil’s DNA, will stop.

But there is never a teaching until the pupil is brought into the same state or principle in which you are; then a transfusion takes place; she is you, and you are she; and by no unfriendly chance or bad company can she ever lose the benefit. And exactly this – the acquiring of the competences that set this in motion – is what forms the purpose of this Divine9® Teacher Training:

  • The Divine9® with the various movements from Arabian dance traditions
  • The Coco Cabasa Dance® (based on pelvis floor muscles physiotherapy)
  • The Goddesses Archetypes Dance® to transform the ‘shadows’ into ‘lights’
  • Emotional Releasing & Healing
  • Music analysis and assignments
  • Choreography & improvisation
  • The analects and gnosis regarding the tactics & strategic roles of all nine Goddesses
  • How to do personal group coaching

All sublimated in

  • The syllabus with all training information
  • Your certification as a trainer of Kaouthar’s Divine9-method®

The package is for practitioners of Kaouthar’s Divine9-method® who already have invested time and energy in a deep exploration of the various dances and spiritual layers. For women who have used the dances and the Goddesses’ Archetypes Dance® to awaken themselves on different levels over an extended period of time. It’s for women who appreciate, from their own intimate experience, how the dances build the spiral from healing to self-empowerment to performance and leadership.

Teaching them is a path of mastery (the ability to physically embody the dances), truthfulness (proper training and preparation to facilitate empowerment) and wisdom (knowing that if you become a teacher, you, on your turn, will be taught and empowered by both the Goddesses and the pupils).

The Divine9® is the hidden language of the soul of the body. (So, more language teachers wanted!)

THE MORAL & THE BACKGROUND. Why do we value rationality above intuition? Why do we trust the mind and mistrust the body? Why do we emphasize so much on masculine qualities and neglect the feminine? Why do we confuse sensuality and sexuality? Why is the female sexuality confined to sexual practice and entertainment? Why are women not living and leading also from the womb? (alignment head-heart-belly).

Good questions, while indeed we are all fed up with too many patriarchal patterns and are more and more unhappy witnessing how our erotic nature is negatively overexposed in the mainstream media, dominated by the culture of sexualization and pornification of the female body. To correct this total disbalance we women need to stand up, go out there and show the real story.

It all comes down to activating the elements of the feminine capital including charisma, belle-laide, sex appeal, sensuality, social skills, social presentation and overall liveliness & energy, which will result in more female leadership. Women should not stay biased because they might have lived too anxious for too long to realize that these aspects of their natural disposition have been overruled by the slow construction of more and more ‘moral’ ideologies – and by too many radical feminist theories. Ideologies that prevent them to achieve more economic and social benefits and to do more for the good of Mother Earth – which is in their nature and their responsibility.

Most women are unaware of this because men have always taken steps to prevent women from exploiting their unique advantage, and to persuade women that feminine capital is not half as valuable as they think.

The aim of this Divine9® Teacher Training is to build a community of teachers that lets more women step in their spiral of growth. It should not just be Kaouthar alone that lets them dive into their belly, into their womb, to meet, empower and heal the women-goddesses in them. For in every woman’s DNA there is that band of Goddesses that wants to come out! And as a teacher you will spark that miracle: more women discovering how to exploit their female capital.

THE PROGRAM. In order to connect with women, the Divine9®-teachers must know how to tap into the community-driven influence of various generations. At the core of this, women want to work together with peers and/or examples from inspirational and aspirational circles to feel able to lead and create – whether businesses or positive impact – and to satisfy their purpose. Many are already partly resetting the rules of the game and redesigning expectations for the binary norms of society.

The Divine9-method® further unpacks the shifting priorities, values and behaviours of all, to help them break away from old norms and patterns, shift their identities and adapt to a new way of thinking.

The women of today approach all aspects of their identity – gender, sexuality and personal sets of opinions and convictions, work and activities – as malleable and constantly evolving. They choose and change their avatars to represent particular personality traits across the variety of platforms in life, presenting a persona that they want to express at that moment. The training promises you a deep look at all the Goddesses that are expressions of these new flexibility in day-to-day interactions.

During the practice women e.g. develop their most sensual brain, by tapping into the flow between their brain and their womb, to align their mind, heart and womb, the Goddesses’ Trinity. You let them explore the ‘intuitive dances’ to feel their ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, Lights and Shadows intuitively (not just rationally). And practice with them the mystical ‘Dances of Ecstasy’.


  • Shed the layers of who they think they’re supposed to be in this male oriented society and guide them to who they really are as a female.
  • Introduce the Inner Goddesses – translating their voices, let their powers become their powers, let their ease and grace become your pupils’ ease and grace
  • Inspire by sharing the analects and the gnosis of the Ancient Dances
  • Meditate among the other women awakening to their truth, worthiness, and wisdom
  • Teach the Golden Formula of the Sensual-Strong-Vulnerable by demonstrating the Coco Cabasa® Dance, the ancient Goddess Archetypes Dances® and important parts of Kaouthar’s Divine9-method®
  • Cleanse their emotional intelligence from negative tensions along the way developing a positive body image and making your pupils light, playful and joyful
  • Bring them to your next levels of personal performance and personal leadership – embrace who you truly are, gain clarity on why your life is the way it is, what’s holding you back, what you really want, and how to get it
  • Connect them to their most authentic, empowered, whole self – and let them bring that sense of wholeness home to their work, their relationships, their communities, and their lives.

If you have questions about the Divine9 Teacher Training, please contact us!

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In more physical and psychological (less spiritual) terms:

In Part I – The Awakening you explore, in detail, the Divine9® Dance techniques and the 9 Goddesses’ archetypes, with their lights and shadows, that help us on our journey. Kaouthar covers an innumerable repertory of ancient dance movements explicated by the analects and gnosis (the timeless, eternal wisdom) of the archetypes they stand for.
The Archetypes are the ‘original models’ after which all humans are patterned (Carl Jung). In Kaouthar’ Divine9-method®, we dance the archetypes of all the female gods that are related to our feminine identity, to help us awaken the life force in our womb and body and to heal the ‘basal wounds’ and other low vibrations such as shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger…

In Part II – The Mastering you master the skills of the ‘Great Goddess’, the superior one who can surf, with grace and sophistication, on all by the goddesses’ archetypes instigated waves. The aim is to enable you to give your pupils lucidity on their personal journey with its individual variations and challenges, making you an useful and successful guide in their transformative journey. Also in this stage Kaouthar passes on her gifts and the undisclosed knowledge about the Raqsat Al llahat (The Dance of the Goddesses, Mesopotamia, 5000 BC) in the same way she herself got them passed on by her grandmother and great-grandmother in Tunisia, which triggered her 20 years of researching the subject as an academic in Gender Studies (at the Sorbonne in Paris, Berkeley in California and the University of Amsterdam).

In Part III – The Avatar as the Divine Teacher we explore your own ‘Divine Teacher’-skills, teaching you to transmit the ‘Divine Gift’, the Feminine Fire, to other women (and men). Here it’s all focused on teaching safely and professionally, helping women go through it all and arise like a Phoenix, helping them identifying the path of their dreams. So, here it is solely about you and how you become an inspirator, motivator and influencer, sharing confidence and the light of the world.

And whether your form is in classes and workshops for all ages and backgrounds, theatre rituals, therapeutic studies, sacred activism or public service, or some other ‘yet to be’ application of the Divine9-method®, we support your personal path to be a teacher of this practice by always inviting you for the demonstrations of the latest insights.

Power can be taken, but not given. And the process of the taking is empowerment in itself.

About the Goddesses Archetypes:

The Greek goddesses have inspired the female imagination for more than three thousand years. Representing practically all aspects of the female psyche, these goddesses have touched the lives of countless women over time. The profound emotional experiences of womanhood – being a daughter, being a sister, becoming a wife, bearing a child, experiencing sexual passion, love, and jealousy – are as timeless as the myths themselves.

Dancing the Goddesses explores these ancient myths, revealing the personalities of 9 female divinities – Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Persephone, Hera, Hestia, Isis and Gaia – to help women grow and understand their own emotional patterns, and to learn to balance and navigate the challenges of life.
As a bridge between the ancient and modern worlds, knowledge of the goddesses and their individual essences will help you:

  • Awaken and restore the natural power within you
  • Understand the principles of female power & expression
  • Enrich your personal relationships
  • Bring out your hidden qualities, and help you use them to your best advantage

By embracing the unique characteristics of these immortal beings, you will blaze a path to freedom and wholeness. This Divine9-method® will therefore guide and help you grow to understand your inner beauty, strength, and wisdom and rocket you to new leadership platforms.

THE BENEFITS. Kaouthar has been using her academic knowledge about teaching the Archetypes theory and the ancient Dances of The Goddesses for more than 2 decades at university now, and has blended the aspects genially into her Divine9®-method, effectively fusing coaching and dancing, amalgamating body and mind, soul and spirit.

The program works with gender theories and integrates emotional work with bodily work. It uses ancient body wisdom as inner compass for releasing physical and emotional tensions; it creates a positive body image and magnifies one’s sense of what it means to be an empowered woman who is filled with light, positive energy, and lovingly connected to all. It delivers practical lessons on • Gaining insight • Balance • Resiliency • The Authentic Self • The Corporate Soul • and the Divine Feminine. Which help find and release self-destructive patterns and sources of old hurts within the self, within family relations and within everyday (home or work) life.

From these basal fundaments the program works towards awakening The Divine 9 (e.g. via The Goddesses Archetypes Dances®) and disclosing the analects and gnosis related to this. It advances and broadens the scope to everything in relation to • self-presentation and charisma • lighting the fires and the passions • and becoming a light, playful and joyful and strong person. Until sociopsychological levels of • renewed external orientation and • the ability of changing the general rules of engagement (from now on you’re the leader of the pack).

With as the ultimate level • the becoming of and the mindful remaining of the Divine Avatar, for whom it’s all about: • channelled emotional intelligence • establishing synergetic relations • strategic skills, vision and focus • inspiring and engaging others in order to • realize creativity, innovation and change.
Indeed, until pure sophistication, elegance and graceful ascendancy!

Empowerment is far from a buzzword. It’s a proven technique where leaders give their teams the appropriate training, tools, resources, and guidance to succeed.

“I would believe only in a God that knows how to Dance.”

About Kaouthar as your teacher
“I am a Feminine Capital polisher who loves teaching women to glow their feminine treasures with the Divine9Dance. It’ll bring them as far as on the highest levels of FeMale leadership.”
– Kaouthar

Being one of the leaders of the contemporary FeMale Leadership & Goddesses Archetypes movement, Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni (PhD Gender Studies) has spent more than 20 years teaching, researching and dancing these topics. Raised in Tunisia, North-Africa, she considers herself blessed to have learned the ancient Raqsat Al Ilahat (Dance of the Goddesses) from her grandmother and great-grandmother. An avid traveller, Kaouthar has researched earth-based spirituality and goddess worship in different cultures on various continents. As Assistant-Professor at the University of Amsterdam in Gender and Leadership related issues she further studied the enormous impact ancient mythic dances can have on the body and the spirit and eventually transformed this into a method that can be measured out and that is suitable to structure modern everyday lives.

The worldwide vision of the earth as feminine — as a goddess, called Gaia by the Greeks — led her to recognize the connection between ecological damage and the oppression of the feminine in Western society. Much of her work since then has explored the question of the role of feminine leadership in our world, in an inclusive and multicultural way, and how to implement the power of the Dances for the better good of women and the planet.

THE METHOD IN SHORT. The Divine9® as a method, now for you to teach others, speeds up each and everyone’s life’s quest. It functions as a signpost on a crossroad. It is designed to nurture your connection to the goddesses inside you and share their boundless wisdom. You learn to call one of them in with the beautiful movements and rituals of the ancient Raqsat Al Ilahat, the Dance of the Goddesses (Mesopotamia 5000 BC) and let her inspire you when it comes to what should be your wisest decisions.

The method reflects on life changing questions and is venturing new experiments. It helps women connect with their divine flame and transform it smoothly into a burning fire. From now on they’ll find more meaning and joy everywhere.

  • You experience how to replace old, negative thought patterns with new, powerful ideas that will help create a joyful life;
  • You’ll manifest more success while deepening your own ‘Inner Goddess Map’: the alignment of the mind, the heart and the womb, sharp as in a meridian;
  • You access a more productive and balanced state by releasing the past and moving forward with strength and confidence;
  • You’ll manage your own change, and therefore the changes of the others, by embracing flexibility and adversity as a natural state-of-being;
  • You’ll disregard overly abundant thinking, unseat negative past programming about love, health and money, and form new attitudes to yield success;
  • You magnify your own sense of what it means to be an empowered woman who is filled with light, positive energy, and lovingly connected to all.
  • You’ll love yourself more as well as others, as building a positive self-image is the root for every projection; the universe only reflects what is in our hearts and minds.

So, begin your transformation towards a life of joy and best lyrical performance, self-leadership, business and soul, strategic and entrepreneuring and dare to take advantage of your own feminine capital by booking this journey with the Goddesses with the pilot’s seat as your take-off point.

The intensive training Part I – The Awakening of the Goddesses and is given in Amsterdam, with its modules distributed over 5 x 3 days.
The training certifies and fully qualifies to teach Kaouthar’s Divine9 Dance-method®.

Our next training program for Part I – The Awakening starts on 16-17-18 February 2018 in Amsterdam.
The other training weekends for Part I – The Awakening on 23-24-25 March, 20-21-22 April, 11-12-13 May and 22-23-24 June.
The first weekend, 16-17-18 February, can be joined as try-out.

Days start
12:00-18:00 Friday
10:00-17:00 Saturday
10:00-17:00 Sunday

The training is organized in 3 parts, each part consisting of modules of 5 x 3 days:

  • Part I – The Awakening of the Goddesses
  • Part II – The Mastering, The Great Goddess
  • Part III – The Avatar, The Divine Teacher

For Part II – The Mastering, The Great Goddess & Part III – The Avatar, The Divine Teacher we’ll have the dates pinned down soon. Always within three months after you’ve done the previous level. So, do count on at least a year and a quarter that you will be busy: 5 times three days with then breaks of max. three months.
We’re also preparing the full course to be given in Tunisia in 2019. Details on that will follow.

You can also read more about our new online course here.

If you have questions about the Divine9 Teacher Training, please contact us!

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