Coco Cabasa the film

In this intimate portrait about the feminist Kaouthar Darmoni, director Klara Til travels to Sousse, Tunisia, where the university lecturer in gender studies grew up. Through interviews and conversations with her and some key figures from her childhood, we learn how the young and rebellious ‘Coco’ had to fight hard to escape from the suppressing chains of society and her conservative family to maintain her freedom. Her dream was to go to Europe to study, where women were emancipated and free. So she did.
Coco Cabasa - Kaouthar at home

In Europe, Kaouthar had to face a big disillusion: the women there weren’t as free as she thought and Western emancipation seemed to go hand in hand with suppressing femininity. Something she refused to do.

Inspired by her Tunisian roots, Kaouthar started her mission to heal femininity. With her taboo-breaking Divine9Dance® method, she awakens the primal female force which lays in the belly. With humor, confidence and her expressive personality she brings women back in contact with their sensuality and feminine power.


Even though she hated her life as a child in Tunisia, she started realizing how free and pure Tunisian women are with their femininity and sensuality among each other. One of her most precious memories from her childhood,


The documentary Coco Cabasa shows the strength and vitality of Arab womanhood. Especially now, when the Arab World is criticized. Kaouthar’s story provides a different perspective on this matter. Her story may help to create a new vision on changing the world into a better place


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Coco Cabasa has its own IMDB page: Coco Cabasa @ IMDB

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