I don’t know about you but despite my success in all areas of my life, I feel regularly overwhelmed by fear.

I was lately preparing a lecture for a big event about the Rise of the Feminine and FeMale Leadership to a large audience of corporate CEO’s and top managers. At the same time, I was also busy preparing the last details to launch an online training! On one hand I felt very excited, and on the other hand I was scared!

I felt the low vibration of fear, fear of failure and fear of success, taking over my system little by little. Even though I knew rationally there was no single reason to feel scared about it, I was still overwhelmed by fear.

Rationally I knew that I am an expert on the subject and that I am able to deliver very good educational and inspiring content.

Rationally I knew that I am a professional Motivational Speaker who delivered previously hundreds of such inspiring speeches with great success. But still…

Rationally I knew that I am a trainer who empowered and coached hundreds of women from top managers to CEO’s to perform on stage in a sparkling way. But Still…

Rationally I knew that I already pre-launched successfully an online education, the Divine9 Dance Therapy (The Art of Being Feminine) and that all my clients, without a single exception, were satisfied and happy with this new online training. But still…

The issue here is that we ‘understand’ it with our conscious mind, but that’s unfortunately not enough. Our unconscious mind, and our body, are still paralyzed by the fear of failure/success.

We must create alignment between our conscious and unconscious mind as well as our body so that they work together instead of working against each other. Only then can the healing process and success happen effortlessly and greatly.
The best way to re-program our unconscious mind for success effortlessly and naturally is through the body. That’s the easy shortcut. Through body work, we can release the low suffering vibrations deriving from fear, such as sorrow, apathy, guilt and shame.

By doing so, we can transform these low contracting vibrations into high flowing vibrations of courage, self-worth, liveliness, enthusiasm, delight, harmony and self-love. Dancing is one of the nicest body work practices as dancing connects us directly with feelings of well-being, pleasure, joy and lightness.

You will see below a very personal Divine9 Dance Therapy film that I did spontaneously during a fear of failure/success attack about the issue I mentioned above. I hesitated about sharing it with you as it feels like revealing my soul in all its vulnerability. But the motivation to help you is stronger than the feeling of unease and embarrassment.

In this film I share with you some powerful yet simple dance movements to show you 1. how to release the irrational fear of failure/success; 2. how to transform this fear into an empowering and motivating drive so that you create the success you are longing for. Because you deserve it!

Remember to comment after watching this very personal film and share with me 1. How you fall into and rise from fear of failure/success? 2. What did you learn from this film that you can apply on your own fear of failure?


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