I was born and raised in North-Africa, sun, sea, desert… As a child I always dreamed of mountains covered with snow, of pine trees camouflaged under a thick layer of powder snow… looking like elegant ladies wearing white evening dresses and ready to dance the Waltz on top of the mountains…

I skied only twice in my life. It went better than expected, for an African girl learning to ski in her 50’s! But this year, I was not that lucky! I had a ski accident and a bad knee injury. The doctors advised an operation, but I refused. I don’t believe in the quick fix. I believe in the power of the body healing itself. But it’s a long way to go. I just removed the plaster and now revalidating and walking around with crutches and a full leg brace. I feel like RoboCop, and not a sexy one!

I am going through lots of ups and downs. I use my own online training to force myself to dance everyday, with pain, brace and crutches… otherwise I would get crazy, especially with the winter days…

On my dark days, I feel down and depressed. I dance looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I use the Wild Woman videos: lots of shimmies, pelvis kicks, trance dances. I follow myself on the screen and cry, feeling miserable and crippled, completely helpless.

The bazooka and guillotine pelvis release a kind of desperate anger deep inside of me. And then I can only cry and scream: F**k! F**k! F**k! Asking the Divine: “Why this? Why me? Why now?”

On my normal days, I combine videos of shimmies and kicks of the Wild Woman with videos of snakes and circles of the Sensual Woman. I reach through the movements a state of acceptance and inner peace. I feel waves of gratitude, trusting that the Divine knows what s/he is doing…

On my shiny days, I use mostly the Sensual Woman videos, to experience the Aphrodite energy, to feel alive, vibrant, sensual… Dancing graciously and sensually on crutches is not a success yet… But I’m getting better and better at it. It looks strange, but it feels good!

My dance keeps me sane, full of hope and trust. And gratitude! I am grateful I am alive. I am grateful I received this Divine Dance from my female ancestors. I am grateful I made this online education to help other women, and now to help myself. It’s great I can use the videos to dance at home, at my own pace, to heal and empower my wounded feminine.

Life is magical, and it unfolds its beauty in mysterious ways. Johan Cruijff (Dutch footballer) says: ‘every disadvantage has an advantage’. The disadvantage of not travelling and working abroad at the moment has the advantage that I can put now more energy into writing, my next Ted Talk and my book!

My new Ted Talk (9 February 2019, Austria, see below) is, like the previous one, a mix of talking and dancing, with this time an extra flavor: I will go on stage with brace and crutches! YES!

I postponed my international bootcamps for later (see new dates below). I work only in Amsterdam the coming months. I am looking so much forward to dancing with you and celebrate Saint Valentine at the Aphrodite bootcamp 16-17 February in my beautiful studio-temple on the canals of Amsterdam.

I am exercising now the Aphrodite sexy walks with crutches! Not there yet… Right now, I look like these little girls of 2 walking in the high heels of their moms… But I promise you that by 16 February it will look good!

I am learning one thing for sure: if you can feel sensual, sexy, attractive, gracious while dancing like an Aphrodite-RoboCop, with brace and crutches, then you have succeeded to have an unshakable self-confidence in your feminine beauty, no matter what challenges life throws on you!!


With love and crutches,



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