I was always afraid of depression. I come from a family with a long ‘depressive history’, with many depressive women (and men, but these won’t admit it of course).

By nature I am a joyful optimist person. But every Dutch winter (I live in beautiful Amsterdam), I get ‘hit’ by a depressive wave.

I did not know how to deal with depression until I started practicing my Divine 9 Dance Therapy. Dancing our ‘female collective depression’, the low emotional vibrations when we feel worthless, powerless, hopeless, shameful, guilty, lonely…

Dancing these vibrations helps us to better understand that the mysteries of women can be seen not only through the clinical eye but also through the eye of the feminine psyche.

The Divine 9 Dance is place where we can see our shadows as a rite of passage, an opportunity for embracing all facets of the Feminine. Also, the depressive one.

The Shimmies dances in particular are a powerful tool to shake out of our body and soul the low emotional vibrations, to free the energy stuck in our system and causing us depression.

In the beginning, the Shimmies (especially belly, chest and hips shimmies) create a place where we can fall apart, feel dismantled… We need to keep on dancing and embracing the pain… and trust! Many women who practice these movements at home with the online education report that they have to cry a lot and have a bad sleep for few days…

I advised them to trust, themselves and the dance, and to continue practicing with the videos. They soon realized that the movements gave them the courage to explore that ‘dark and hidden’ part of themselves, that depressive part we are ashamed and scared of.

They trusted more and danced more. They realized that the more they danced the shadow of pain, the better they could rise to the light of joy. They felt re-born, experiencing the power of death and life.

The Divine Dance as I practiced as a child with my female tribe in Tunisia and today with my female tribe all over the world is a dance of healing, self-kindness, self-empowerment.

But before the divine transformation, we must first connect with the pain of depression. For how could we experience such divine love without first feeling the divine flame?

This dance reconstructed me as a woman and thousands of other women with me. Dancing with my women has a cathartic and healing nature! My eternal gratitude to you and all the women who allowed me to help them so that I could help myself! 1001 Merci to you!

With Love,

PS. I have helped women all over the world to heal the depressive woman within, and I would love to help YOU! This is why I created an online education where you learn, in the comfort of your home, my Divine 9 Dance TherapyⓇ. Empower your-self, Become you own and best healer-therapist!


PSS. Free The Wild Woman in You (level one) has lots of Shimmies and is excellent to heal you from low emotional vibrations!

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