In the other blog I’m talking about what several other gender professors finally acknowledge as ‘the 4th asset that shapes your capital’. It has been one of my hobbyhorses for many years at the University and I work hard to impregnate society with its meaning. I’ve already organized various bootcamps to let women be more aware of it and plan many more in the future and always use it in personal coaching; the fact that next to your economical capital (salary, bank account, properties), cultural capital (education, diplomas, trainings) and your social capital (networks, people you know) your erotic capital is what completes you.

Better learning how to manage your feminine, erotic capital brings major advantages for wherever you move – the labour market, politics, arts, sports, media and in all social interaction. And of course also very much to avoid you’re harassed in any way as you yourself become the dominant factor.

Where I spoke in a previous blog of a ‘learned skill‘ I mean this: few are born with it. Everyone can learn it. Erotic capital is a skill to acquire and to further develop, just like aspects of intelligence. By combining the six elements of physical and social attractiveness as well as by emotional management women can rediscover and master their • inborn natural beauty or belle laide (a woman’s attractiveness despite perhaps not being conventionally beautiful) • sex appeal • social skills • liveliness (the fire in their body) • social presentation and • sexuality and sensuality.

Women of today might have lived too prudent for too long to realize that all these aspects of our ancient feminine wisdom have been overruled by the slow construction of more and more ‘moral’ ideologies – and by too many radical feminist theories. Ideologies that inhibit them from exploiting their erotic capital to achieve economic and social benefits.
Most women are unaware of this because men have always taken steps to prevent women from exploiting their unique advantage, and – even worse – to persuade women that erotic capital is worthless.
But vulnerability moves very much at the same end as ignorance. And opposite movements are of course curiosity, being adventurous, playful.

Note well this has nothing to do with using sex as a tool or as a service, or sexing your way up the promotion ladder. It’s just about how (both men and) women who are better connected with their forgotten asset are perceived as stronger and better performing: far more self-confident, dominant and superior.
Knowing this asset, controlling and managing this asset in day-to-day situations puts women in the position to better control the GOLDEN RULE in every work situation, which is that sexuality is solely for the private spheres: whoever ignores this golden rule or sees it ignored by the conversation partner should not be surprised to get into problems.

Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to transform this insight into a teaching method for women on how to completely get control back over their erotic capital and how to make the wisest use of some of the most true foundations of themselves. Making everyone more youthful, beautiful, charismatic and playful and able to use it smarter. I use it in personal coaching with politicians to female CEO’s and it is very helpful.

While they too, despite their high functions, are of course fed up with and unhappy witnessing how women’s erotic nature is negatively overexposed in the mainstream media, dominated by the culture of sexualization and pornification of the female body. To correct this total disbalance we women need to stand up, go out there and show the real story. And then we perhaps also may expect it becomes more natural for men to obey the golden rule.


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