Shocking: only 3% of women are happy with their body!
In a recent survey in UK made on British women whose average age is 33 and who have normal weight limits for their height, we discover shocking and painful facts: only 3% of women in the UK are totally happy with their body; 73% think about their size or shape every single day; 91% are unhappy with their hips and thighs; 77% are dissatisfied with their waist, 71% with their weight and 78% say they are unhappy with their cellulite. Six out of 10 say their body image made them feel depressed!

The modern day female obsession
These are worrying facts. Nowadays, a woman’s body shape dominates her whole life – it’s a modern day obsession. To improve our bodies, most of us are on diet, some frenetically exercise, some starve themselves by fasting or using laxatives, and others are regular consumers of plastic surgery… We increasingly want instant solutions to our weight and shape problems. This is a worrying trend in a society that seems to put the priority of being slim and attractive above being fit and healthy.

For me, the most painful information in this UK survey is that 91% of the women surveyed were happy with… their partner’s looks! So the majority of women are unhappy with their looks but happy with the looks of their men! Even though they often look better than their men! Why this double standard? Why are we so critical and destructive towards ourselves and other women while we are so tolerant and accepting towards men?

For women there is such an old pain associated with the indoctrination of the female body. Many of us are not free in our body. We are imprisoned in the dungeon of unrealistic beauty standards, mainly due to the sexualization and pornification of our bodies in the mainstream culture. That made us alienated from our female bodies: our body image is negative, full of shame, guilt and fear.

The Western Body Shame
I witness this often in my bootcamps and trainings: many women don’t love their bodies. They are at war with their bodies. They are full of complexes and judgments towards their bodies. And most of the time without a real reason.

I remember once in Switzerland where I took my goddesses to a Hammam (Turkish bath) as part of the goddesses healing experience. The Tunisian lady who is managing the Hammam told me: ‘I have been managing Hammams the last 30 years, in Tunisia, Italy, France and now in Switzerland. I don’t understand why Western women are so critical and hostile towards their bodies. Their bodies look much ‘nicer’ than ours (Arab bodies) but they are ashamed of their bodies. They don’t cherish their bodies like we do.’

That’s the painful point: self-love and self-respect; like the many Arab women I danced and went to the Hammam with as a child in Tunisia: they have a more compassionate body image, despite the overweight, big hips, thighs, waist and kilos of cellulite… There is less shame; they have a natural and unconditional acceptance and joy with their bodies. And I know their secret.

Would you like to know their ancient secret?
I have been sharing this secret with thousands of women around the world and it works. It’s simple and efficient. It cures quite fast your body shame, guilt and fear. It works so well that many keep on coming back to me because they want more, more and more (warning: it’s deliciously addictive!)

And I would love to share this ancient secret with you because it will make you happy as a human being and most of all: as a woman! It will increase your self-love and self-respect, no matter what are your weight, shape or age. After such an enlightening experience you will feel feminine, beautiful and sensual! You will feel: I loooove my body! Unconditionally! Proud to be a woman!

I would be delighted to share this ancient female body wisdom in one of my online or real life events. To start with at the FREE online workshop on 30 November 7pm Amsterdam Time:

Get a Positive Body Image: 5 steps to be Proud of the 3 Critical Parts of Your Body!

Where I am going to show you:

  • Why is a positive body image important for your health and success?
  • 2 dance movements to get rid of a negative body image
  • How to dance to replenish your body with a positive image
  • 3 dance movements to empower the 3 critical parts of your body
  • Plus a Live Q & A session, so you can get all your questions about your 3 critical body parts answered and… danced!!

With Love & Passion,
Boussa (kiss in Arabic),


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