In one of my last bootcamps I saw her: she has beautiful breasts, shiny face, soft eyes with a playful gaze. I’ll call her Saskia. She keeps her beautiful breasts ‘looking down at the floor’ like we say in Arabic. I asked her few times to put her chest up so that her ‘breasts look up’, but Saskia kept them gazing down at the floor. And she is not the only one.

The majority of the women with nice breasts (prominent) I encounter during my work, keep them ‘looking down’.

They learned, since teenagerhood, to make their ‘outspoken’ breasts look ‘absent’, ‘invisible’. They have been drilled to keep their ‘above intelligence’ down. I often shout during the dance: ‘intelligentie omhoog’ (Dutch: ‘intelligence up’). They giggle, smile back at me and put their intelligence up for a short while, before they lower them again.

Women with ‘high intelligence’ have been trained, even indoctrinated, to lower their breasts to not ‘provoke’ (men). No matter whether the women are Muslims, Christians, Jews or atheists, the message is the same: breasts down!

Why do men feel provoked by women’s breasts? What is wrong with women’s breasts? They are just breasts! Why has this men’s problem become a women’s problem? And even worse: why did women have made this men’s problem their problem?

At the end of the 2 days bootcamp, Saskia came to me and shared with tears in her eyes ”Thank you for saying that I need to put my intelligence up; and that I have beautiful breasts. I learned the opposite, especially from women”. Saskia is unfortunately not the only one, I hear this bullshit all the time and it really pisses me off.

Especially when women do that to other women. Why do women associate ‘proud breasts’ with provoking men or wanting to have their attention? What’s wrong with having a ‘proud posture’? Why can’t women stand other women’s beauty? Why are women ‘castrating’ other women most of the time?

Putting your breasts down is bad not only for your body posture and
lower back; it’s also not esthetic as it makes your upper body look deflated; and it makes you feel ‘collapsed’. By dropping your breasts, you drop your sense of pride and self-confidence. Try while you are reading this: drop your chest for about 5-10 minutes and feel how your self-confidence drops. Now lift your intelligence for 5-10 minutes and feel how your self-confidence increases.

The body contains an incredible intelligence; unfortunately the female body has been indoctrinated to shut down this intelligence. Women from all cultures and religions have learned to ‘lower’ their body’s ‘feminine intelligence’/breasts because it’s a disturbance to the ‘patriarchal order’, to the ‘men’s order’. Through the centuries, women have internalized this kind of attitude and went further by oppressing other women’s bodies, femininity and sensuality.

So my beautiful ladies (and gentlemen), let’s stop this kind of abuse: raise your breasts and say: Yes, I am a woman! Yes, proud to be a woman! And Yes I have breasts! Get over it!


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