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This last weekend we had another amazing experience exploring the Goddesses shadows. We danced and felt the feminine paradox of lights and shadows, we honored the shadows, and held onto them and let them inform us. Shadows exist for a reason and the emotions are real.

20 goddesses from different ages, countries, cultures, and backgrounds… were facing each other, and dancing together their ‘shadows’. We danced first the shadows of the Goddesses Persephone & Demeter’s: sorrow, pain, helplessness, hopelessness, fears, and insecurities…

We danced, screamed, cried to listen to what our body needs to say and prepare this sacred feminine body to embark in the vessel of change. The change came through the dance of Hestia, the goddess who helps us to carry the pain with compassion and move towards the change with grace and trust.

One of the goddesses shared that she finally dared to dive into the pain of abruptly having lost her husband and father of her 3 children after more than 30 years of living happily together. That pain was for her enormous and unbearable. It was a no-go area. But with the Persephone-Demeter-Hestia dances she had enough tools and courage to open that wound, explore it and heal it. Surrounded by the love and support of the other goddesses. Sisterhood at its best. She was surprised to discover through the dances how much power was in her, and how she could dance to carry her pain, alone, from the shadow towards the light, naturally and gracefully. And how healing it was to literally bathe in the warmth and softness of the womb energy emanating from the other women.

At my goddesses’ circles, women often share that dancing Persephone and Demeter gave them the courage to explore their psyche’s shadows as part of the self-actualization and self-empowerment process. Dancing our vulnerability gives us a protection and a degree of strength and control over the pain we encounter during our exploration. In this way, we can dance and explore the realm of the shadow with confidence and not with fear.

Dancing the shadows of the archetypes gives us the tools to plunge into our own journey of vulnerability. This journey to self-actualization will awaken many scary demons within the unconscious – forgotten traumas or attributes that cannot possibly be a part of us. At every goddess workshop we witness how frightening these encounters are. The archetypes of Persephone and Demeter demonstrate that the demons can be defeated and self-actualization can be achieved through the feminine, inner journey. With the support of Hestia, goddess of peace and serenity; and Artemis, Goddess of solidarity and sisterhood. Without forgetting Aphrodite who finally takes us to that one place where we belong: feminine, sensual, and playful.

I am everyday grateful that I received this ancient feminine body wisdom from my female ancestors. And I am deeply thankful and grateful to the thousands of amazing goddesses/women who want to share this body wisdom with me. Thank you! What a gift! What a blessing! Thanks God/Goddess the Goddesses dance exist!

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