Kaouthar Darmoni workshop at Nyenrode

Are you tired to see your managers, men and women, neglecting feminine values and imposing masculine ones?

Patriarcal management/leadership means: using ‘old school’ masculine values in leadership.

Would you like to change that?

Then start by realizing that a perfect understanding of the problem is half of the solution.

RecentlyI gave a lecture about ‘FeMale Leadership and Erotic Capital’ to a big crowd of students and scholars at the Nyenrode Business University. For many years, I have the privilege and pleasure -as assistant professor in gender & media, and later as a prolific independent lecturer and scholar- to contribute into spreading knowledge and education about Gender and Erotic Capital in the academic as well as business world’s circuit/circus.

FeMale leadership is of course a style that combines, equally, feminine and masculine qualities. The need for this new style of management is essential to achieve sustainability in business. Sustainability is not anymore ‘a nice to have’ element…it’s becoming a ‘must to have’. Even the classical Nyenrode University, one of the top-20 education and research community in Europe and an international network of top business and finance schools embraced this vision in business education.

To achieve this FeMale Leadership, it’s essential to identify the disease to be able to find the cure. We must realize that no matter where we are on this beautiful planet, we ALL suffer from this global disease: the inegalitarian gender system in leadership where mostly men and ‘Queen Bees’, masculine women, are ruling (see research prof. Bella Derks, 2016).

Matriarchal women and men still belong to the ‘second world’s citizens category’. The majority of them give up or not even consider being in a management position because they cannot identify with our patriarchal ‘leaders’. Our leaders, masculine men and women, don’t carry enough the feminine values, the matriarchal values. Even worse: after an extensive experience in Gender Capital, I saw at the top of organizations more men than women who dare to use feminine values.

Research in Gender History & Archeology show that under matriarchy the feminine values were ruling and the world witnessed equality, prosperity and peace. So some ask: shall we go back to matriarchy?

Well, as a matriarchal culture expert, I am NOT in favor of the return of matriarchy, which reigned before patriarchy looooooong time ago (more than 3000 years ago…) I do regret that matriarchal values are quasi-absent in the patriarchal culture dominating the top of our institutions. I also consider that the ‘patriarchal management’ is passé, has been, and does not work anymore in this ‘Nieuwe Tijd’ (New Time) as my Dutchies call it.

But we don’t need to go back to matriarchy. We need a ‘back to the future’ to establish a union between the patriarchal and matriarchal cultures.

We need creativity and innovation to create a new gender egalitarian system at the top of our organizations.

We, women and men, are now grown-ups enough to co-lead the planet together. The world, politically, culturally, socially, religiously, financially cannot be lead anymore by patriarchal values only; the matriarchal needs to manifest. The planet needs it. Are you in?

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