16-17 February 2019

“Mirror, Mirror, Do I still look young, beautiful and attractive?”

“Humm… not as pretty, thin and fresh as 10 years ago” responded the mirror

Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, especially naked, because you don’t like what you see? And if you do look, you find yourself repeating the same negative remarks about how ‘wrong’ your body is? Then you feel unattractive and depressed about your body… such a painful feeling… and to avoid the pain you disconnect from your body and feel emotionally numb… until the next painful encounter… Are you tired of these unhealthy destructive patterns about your body image?

What if you could learn to love and appreciate your body, as it is, truly, unconditionally and compassionately?

Free yourself from the burden of a negative body image to experience the joy and sensuality of being a Woman at Kaouthar’s Special Summer Bootcamp: I Love my Body! Free your Aphrodite!

Dance, feel, enjoy and play at this exclusive bootcamp. Let Kaouthar guide you in a unique step-by-step journey to discover your inner beauty, femininity and sensuality. Experience profound healing goddess dances; take home practical and physical tools such as ‘Divine 9 Dance’, the ‘Cabassa Vulva Dance’ and more to transform yourself from the shadow to the light of Aphrodite.


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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to give yourself/a friend a Kaouthar’s Goddess Treat and learn how to enhance your femininity, sensuality and create a loving relationship with yourself and other women.

Aphrodite is our most popular bootcamp! Share the information with a special woman in your life and join Kaouthar now.

The bootcamp was a helping, healing and challenging experience in connecting with my femininity that made the start of a new period in my life.
Finding my femininity will make me a happier human being.
Kaouthar’s teaching was very inspiring, intelligent en loving.
I’d tell other women to just go and give yourself the present of being feminine.
Just experience it, than you know!

Lizanne Lanser

Hoornaar, the Netherlands

I chose this event to express my femininity and let go of physical blocks in moving like we are supposed to do so.

I liked that Kaouthar is free and IS in what she does… It is a true living story, not a learned Head thing.

Valuable for me was feeling free in the body like a women supposed to feel.

I’d tell other women to join!


Dalen, Holland

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